long lost Saviour


……………‘We ar ere for your protection, we been sent by a friend. The Pipers have you marked, thin ice you’ve been on.

Lucky for you our Boss is of…. lets say high influence pahaha.

He happy how you ran the Team despite them results.

Soon he back from business, pacts have been made and tha Gods will be appeased.

Order no more disarray of the family house.

Has full control of the Team you stay on to coach and run things with him.

Thank our Gods the Pied Piper returns from the shadows’


The deep rumble from the pair of huge Warriors before me should have settled my nerves, I should have felt safe the mark the family put on me last season had been over-ruled, but what was I involved with now… Chaos at my door…. the notorious Pied Piper retuned! where has he been all these years, what god forsaken pacts and Chaotic business is he engaging in?!

If I had any sense I should be running for the hills, but ‘curiosity killed the rat’

…..Plus I know Tickles would miss me, someone needs to stop those freak Goblins from teasing him.

But so many dead and crippled, not to mention the rats that fled when the family took control, getting the team to act as one again will be some serious work.

I had the same vison for the Renegades, to continue what he started long ago, but now the players need order. Knowing he’s back should settle things down, whether its through fear or loyalty we can get it back on track.


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