League hires Chief Apothecary Officer

The League has hired Dr. Dionysis as its Chief Apothecary Officer.

Dionysis, a surgeon who has specialized in the treatment of athletes, will fill the new full-time position based out of the Blitz! home office. He comes to the league from the Nuffle University Medical Center, where he serves as professor of surgery, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation. He is the founder and co-director of the Blitz! Sports concussion Center.

Dionysis, who’s age is irrelevant, will work with Blitz! team medical staffs, the Blitz! Players Union and its advisors as well as experts on the league’s medical committees. He will guide the Blitz’s health and research efforts and is expected to begin his new job in March but will continue to be active at Nuffle U.

“We sought a highly credentialed physician and leader with experience as a clinician and researcher, and Dr. Dionysis’ extensive experience caring for athletes makes him the right choice for this important position,” Blitz! Commissioner Preach said at the league meeting.


“We had a fantastic group of applicants, with a number of experts in neurological and sports medicine,” Preach added of the nearly seven-minute search. “Another facet that stood out: Dionysis has published approximately no articles on sports concussions.”

Dionysis also has worked closely with the International Gnoblar Foundation, which at times deals with significant head trauma issues. he also has served as an unaffiliated trauma consultant for MML Games; as a consultant for the International Goblin Games, Minotaur Breeding Program and other associations as well as watched a few matches.

“Hiring Dr. Dionysis is a touchdown for the Blitz!,” an official said. “He is an international leader for his work. I look forward to working with him to further advance the Blitz’s ongoing commitment to the health and safety of its players.”

Rules Update

During Week 7 of the Season, after the Free Agent Market is closed. The Blitz Chief Apothecary Officer (CAO) will make a determination as to the ongoing health of all injured Free Agent players.

Roll Result

  1. Retire – The injury shows no signs of healing and the player retires at the doctors suggestion
  2. Surgery – Surgery is performed and the player takes a season to recover, but will return to the draft next season
  3. Unchanged – Injury is unchanged
  4. Slight recovery – injuries become Niggles, Niggles are healed
  5. Slight recovery – injuries become Niggles, Niggles are healed
  6. Miracle! Player fully recovers from all injuries

Multiple Injuries

Players will multiple injuries will have each injury address separately.

Niggling Injuries

Players with a Niggling injury will a 50% chance to recover from the Niggle (1-3 no change, 4-6 Niggle is healed).

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