Interview With The Timberwolves General Manager Bernie Buffon

Hi there Blitz Fans my name is Max Stallion and I’m here with the General Manager of Mystic Falls Timberwolves Bernie Buffon.

New Season Just around the corner means another Draft, how excited are you for the upcoming draft?

Yeah its my favourite time of the season when GMS have to earn there keep, and try and get there coach a team good enough to have a chance of winning the title. A lot of GMS coach there teams as well so if they fail they only have to blame themselves. Just the hype and the secret trades going on and everyone trying to find out who is taking who is really a lot of fun.

Talking about trading you have been at it again trading up to get the 2nd 4th and 21st pick in the first round can you tell us why and who your after?

All I can say is we have traded up and it wasn’t cheap to get two signings we think will help us have another crack at winning the Blitz title. What you have to remember as well is if u don’t pay to get up there, chances are somebody else will take the players so if u want them that bad you got to pay the price. 21st pick was already ours but we certainly needed a higher pick then that to have a chance to get what we wanted.

Most General Managers also coach but you Signed Berzo to take the Hot Seat at the Timberwolves what was the reason behind that?

Well quite simply he is one of the best coaches out there, and in two seasons with the Timberwolves he has led us to a Final and a semi final and we got beat by the Champions both times.

That is pretty good going in my books and now its my Job to try and find that missing ingredient to get us that title for our fans. I couldn’t see anyone else coach the Timberwolves other then Berzo or myself and I trust him to do his best to get us out of a very tough play pool.

People are calling it the group of death, what’s your thoughts on the play pool. 

It’s not great, its certainly the toughest play pool out the four of them but I have faith in my coach and we will give it our best shot. But it wont be easy, there is some seriously top class coaches in that play pool.

Han Tavirus, Money In The Bank and Mike Tyson just three big names shown the door after solid seasons can you shine a light on and tell your fans why you let them go?

Well Han Tavirus cost us the final and people think we got rid because of that. Truth was Poor Han was devastated and went into a downward spiral mentally wise and started hitting the booze and when a bid came in for a 100k we took it with a heavy heart. He struggled badly that season so I think we got it right and let him go its such a shame if he could get back to his best he is world class. Mike Tyson was poor for the money we laid out for him and that was an easy one to let go. Money In The Bank was a heart wrencher this guy had been our best guy in two seasons and won us games by himself sometimes but he was another on a big salary and although he totally deserved that, we decided we was going in a different direction this season and had to let him go. Whoever signs him have signed one of the best in Blitz for sure.

Who do you see as the Favorites to win the Blitz Championship and your biggest dangers?

Was really impressed with the Hoffenheim Honey Badgers in there debut season getting to the final. They have Cursed Earth a up and coming rookie Gutter from the Mutation Nations Lab so excited to see how he goes, also they have Iron Chin he’s a beast. Team is well balanced and can see them going well, I can also see the Hamelin renegades bouncing back it was only two seasons ago since they where champs and with Little Mo leading the way they got to have a great chance. Over the pond Drumphtopia Winners must have a chance with Jay Love at the helm and not much went right for them last season but they still almost made the play offs I think they are the team to watch over there.

Can you share what rumours you have heard about this seasons draft you know who is going where?

Bravo Bear looks nailed on to go to the Badland Bears at Number one but after that its pretty tricky, rumour was a few teams where looking to get ogres in the first round with Tom Brady seemingly on everyones lips at the moment,  he seems to be the one everyone wants. Although Roger Moore is another I heard people are after. Dan Tavirus has been linked to Dunsford Do Lilly Taps and his brother Han to the former champions Hamelin renegades who lost there one turner last season who died against the Necro Police. But its all guess work really some of these I’m sure are red herrings and we just worry about our own team.

You and Berzo was very critical of your chaos dwarves last season saying they need to Perform this season or they are out.

Yeah they started very poorly first season but then found form backend of the season but last season they was just garbage they did the most armour breaks but majority where stuns u just cannot be bringing stuns to a team that needs to get the numbers off the pitch. really put the pressure on Money In the Bank and Berzo who did very well but if the chaos dwarves fire then its a lot more easier for the team and Berzo.

Which Players are you looking forward to seeing on the pitch in season 10?

Fell in love with Cherry Pie last season and rumour has it his Brother Apple Pie is better! Always love to see Iron Chin strut his stuff and will be scary coming up against him this season a class player one of the best. Tom Brady just because everyone seems to want this guy so huge pressure wherever he lands to perform. Also Bravo the Bear the coach Dragoon wanted a top ball carrying Bear well he’s got one now lets see how they go. Little Mo and Jay Love as well they have been world class for there franchises.

Apart from your own Franchise what is your favorite franchises in blitz?

Nappanee Nightmares are the team I always try and watch or stream I love there no holds barred attitude to blitz, and Proudstarr is a great guy. The Necro Police made there debut in Season 9 and overkill is now coach and GM and they had a great first season. I for one cannot wait to see how they get along in S10 and I can see them making a push for the play offs.

Any advice you can give to new blitz coaches who are making there debut in season 10 or any returning coaches?

Quite simply have more then one plan when it comes to blitz as its pretty certain Plan A will go up in flames whether that is on the game plan on the pitch or drafting players for your team. Best thing to do is just have fun and embrace the crazy out of this world experience that MML Blitz offers. Try and sign players what fit the way you play and at least doing that will give you the best chance to succeed, and also builds an identity to your franchise. Build and create stories about your franchises so everyone can read up and get to know you and your team. If your not sure on stuff talk to the MML coaches there a great bunch and always willing to help out. Never neglect the so called lesser players they are usually the heroes of the teams, Nut Cracker for the Wolves was a fouling Gnoblar and Cherry Pie the superstar halfling of the Pebbles. I guess that’s the beauty of blitz its the players you don’t expect are usually the ones you fall in love with. Also look to upgrade your stadium to at least level 3 so then it gives you plenty of sponsor options for seasons to come and potentially more money to spend on better players and Team services.

Thank you Bernie Buffon for your time and this is Max Stallion signing off


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