How to Break the Market and Win the Draft, The Drumphtopia Way! PART 2

The Winners now had a plan for the off-season and the draft before the second season of Blitz! Head coach/Manager Sturmjarl got to work scouting available players in the free agent market. Meanwhile, Team Owner Count Drumph began scouring the market to sell some draft picks.

  • Being the consummate businessman, Count Drumph was initially cautious before offering the Winners’ second season draft picks. The Winners were uncharacteristically uninterested in selling or trading any draft picks last season, being confident in their Drafting Philosophy as well as deliberate with measuring the values of said draft picks. This confidence bore quite a bounty of talented players last draft due to some….”questionable” picks by some other franchises (you guys REALLY can’t draft). Coach Sturmjarl was convinced that later round picks would be more than adequate to secure some reasonable positionals to fill out the Winners’ roster. Other franchises had jumped on acquiring early rounders quite early in the off season, pushing prices quite lower than last season’s prices. Count Drumph grew quite dissatisfied by these hucksters and lesser businessmen (You know who you are!!!), trying to bully other team owners to sell their picks at prices that were quite disappointing.  Very little bargaining was happening for the Winners’ picks and Count Dumph was growing more frustrated and agitated.  Drumph was not a patient man and the Winners needed some cash, one way or another.
  • Coach Sturmjarl wasn’t too concerned with the draft. The Winners’ treasury was sufficient to sign any number of mid-level Knights or Elven Passers; even Rookies would suffice.  Sturmjarl had scouted and ranked only fifteen players to possibly draft.  The coach assured Drumph that he would only need two or three mid to late rounds draft picks. The top-tier players probably wouldn’t all be there, but Sturmjarl was certain he could make it work.  The pre-draft week was ending soon, and the fire-sale of draft picks had been approved.
  • Count Drumph tired of the Market and was determined to get some cold hard cash. Any unused/unsold draft pick was lost money. Enough was enough! Count Drumph started a media BLITZ! (Ha Ha!) and slashed his prices, bundling picks to sell to any who would buy them. No offer would be refused! A deal was finally arranged…only to be harangued and ridiculed by our Corrupt Commissioner, PreachMJ! This un-elected, anti-free market dictator boo-whoeod about unfair prices.  But you can’t out-negotiate the greatest deal-maker in the Old World.  Count Drumph re-negotiated…and just got more money (KA_CHING$$$)..because draft picks are only as good as the choices those team owners make to use them.  Either draft well (which many don’t), or sell them while you can, because MONEY RULES THE WORLD!!! Bwahahaha!!                                                                                                                                                       *AHEM* sorry about that….
  • The Winners’ entered the draft with too many draft picks, but at least had gotten some extra money from the ones they did sell.  The two third round picks would be adequate to to secure the players that Coach Sturmjarl had scouted. Agents of Veteran Knight Maxime The Brave had been contacted if the Winners were fortunate that the sturdy knight would be drafted.  A utility High Elf passer would have to suffice so late in the draft. The Winners would be solid with cash and some nice players to add.  But how Nuffle works in mysterious ways…even in the Draft.
  • Coach Sturmjarl had anticipated that most franchise owners would do some research before the draft and pick the very best players to help their team.  Some did, but come the 84th pick of the draft, somehow the undisputed, absolutely, BEST HIGH ELF THROWER, ANY LEAGUE has seen…a ONCE IN A GENERATION PLAYER…was IMPOSSIBLY there still, ripe for the taking…Sassafrass Jack. BUT…NOT only was Sasasfrass there, but ALL the OTHER TOP 15 RANKED PLAYERS BY Coach Sturmjarl (except the 15th, lol) for the Winners NEXT pick. Poor Maxime The Brave, never received that call from Count Drumph. Signing Sassafrass, the Star thrower, had unexpectedly changed the Winners plans.  A Knight was still needed, but one that could be a serious  offensive weapon, as well as being a low-level (less $$) grooming project for Coach Sturmjarl. Somehow, Level 2, AG 4 Knight,  Jay Love had been released from his previous team!?!??? A perfect compliment to accept the perfect spirals from Sassafrass!  A Rookie Chaos Dwarf was the Winners thrifty last pick of the draft!

Count Drumph and Coach Sturmjarl had done it again.   First by standing up to the oppressive, anti-capitalist, and CORRUPT Commisioner….breaking the market…and accomplishing a moderate rule change (no more Rookie War Dancers!! YAY!!…but…No more, rookie Chaos Dwarves?!?? Boo!!). And then, somehow having an even better draft than the AMAZINGLY STUPENDOUS first draft of…your…


(You guys REALLY can’t Draft, lol )

See you on the Pitch!!  xoxoxoxo

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