How to Break the Market and Win the Draft, The Drumphtopia Way! PART 1

The Winner’s inaugural Blitz! Season was a modest success with a winning record (YAY!), but disappointingly missing the playoffs (Boo!). Team manager/Coach Sturmjarl had a near-perfect first draft (you guys can’t draft); acquiring almost every player he targeted and forming a amazingly reliant and durable roster while only sustaining one serious injury all season. The Winners excelled on defense but had some growing pains (sigh) offensively. Count Drumph and Coach Sturmjarl were determined to remedy that and make BIG BIG plans in the off season. This is their journey.

  • Money, money, money! With the Winners earning their sponsorship pay-out, a plan was needed on how the money would be spent.  Count Drumph was intent to not only have the Winners winning more matches but also securing the future of the franchise with a steady stream of income. The Winners would retain the Dignity sponsorship avoiding any need need to upgrade Drumph Towers Stadium with the possibility of more signing bonuses from Dignity in future Seasons.  Medical and life insurance was determined to be over-priced and unnecessary given the current durability and redundancy on the team. Plans for a minor-league franchise were also pushed to the future for the same reasons, plus it was time for a playoff push NOW!  Additionally, a savings account in the Bank of Altdorf would be established since without a doubt, spiraling expenses would be serious factor and any extra cash should at least draw some interest for future expenses.
  • The current Winners roster would be mostly retained, including ALL SIX players with a level up due to signing bonuses. Another unusual outcome of the Winners lack of offence was only Rookie Bull Centaur Leo Solidtoe managed a level up all season (First and Last Winners’ score of Season 1, lol). Useful for keeping team value down, but not winning games.  Only two Winners would be released to free agency; the Niggled Radblast the Reaver,  Captain of the Chaos Dwarf line of scrimmage and, ironically, crowd favorite and leading scorer, Leo Solidtoe. Both players had performed admirably in their first season, but Count Drumph was adamant that an injured Chaos Dwarf and a redundant Bull Centaur had to make room for our TWO NEWEST OFFENSIVE POSITIONALS in the draft!!!
  •  Eleven Winners left on the roster; six…SIX with signing bonuses ($$$).  They were substantial but not outside the team’s plans. All were paid and retained! (including the two most impressive  Thralls in Blitz! because Berty Cuddler likes his meat TOUGH!)
  •  Team Manager Sturmjarl decided that three players exactly would be drafted in the next draft; one Chaos Dwarf, a Bretonnian Knight (Back to my ROOTS!) and a High Elf Thrower.  A low-level Chaos Dwarf would be necessary to replace Radblast’s durability on the line. The versatile Knight, with his skills and speed would play both offense and defense. The High Elf Thrower would initially only play offense, but some defensive skills would be preferred depending on need. Seven draft picks would be bestowed to the Winners.  Master Drafter Sturmjarl only needs three…really NONE in a pinch, since even rookie positionals would serve the Winners well. Time for Count Drumph, the Negotiator to make some deals (Bwahahahaha!!! $$$$$$)                                                                                               To be Continued…….

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