How do you solve a problem like Mousillon?

“But Sire, I theenk you’re being hasssty. I’m sure there is an explanation”

“No” replied the Necromancer, “I will not accept any excuse for conceding, we are a noble city. Anyway, I’ve already infested his body with the lice of a thousand Mummies so that’s that. Now, find me a good coach, a team such as ours should have no problem attracting Xurpils or Jock or last season’s winner, Matt. Go on then what are you waiting for? I need to think about a slight rebrand to keep our sponsors happy……..oooo, the lice, I like the sound of that”

Gnawl the caretaker Ghoul slunk off to do his masters bidding, he liked the old coach but if he’s now an insect home he’d better find a good one to replace him he thought. “Who did Sire mention again? Mike? Miranda? No, no. Theenk, Gnawl. Yes, Matt that’s it. I’ll make ssssure I get last season’ssss champ”

“Sire!” Gnawl screamed excitedly, dragging a large bag behind him “I have heeem, that Matt coach you were after”

“We’ll done Gnawl, we’ll done.” Dedd the necromancer now had hope, a Blitz! winning coach joining them mid season would turn their fortunes around. “Wake him, wake him. I must greet our new manager”

Gnawl opened the bag and tipped out the new coach. After some smelling salts the coach started to come around “uurghh”

“Perfect Gnawl, he already speaks like a Golem. The team will love him. Matt? Matt. MATT! Welcome to Mousillon, my fine sporting city of the undead”

“What, what am I…. How did I? Who are you?” His head now pounding from the knockout blow delivered by Gnawl.

“I am Dedd Zazzo of Mousillon, grand Necromancer and head of the finest undead Blood Bowl team in Blitz! history!” Replied Dedd proudly.

“Blood Bowl? What in the Moot is that? Why am I here?”

“How hard did you hit him Gnawl? Matt, you won the championship last season and now you are here to lead my team to the title”

“I think you’ve got the wrong Matt”

Gnawl, sensing the impending danger, scampers away before Dedd punishes him.

“GNAWL!!!!! Fine, it is what it is and you look alright so unless you want to be infested by the fleas of a thousand zombies you’d better come and meet the team”

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