Highs and Lows of the Weasels

The second season of the Ice weasels had lots of highs and lots of lows. There was no in between for them. starting the season at an impressive 3-0. Players Whig Field, Fudko, and the surprise player Spring Heeled Jack were looking like an offfensive slaughterhouse going into week 4 with 11 touchdowns in 3 games. however, tides began to turn in week 4 against the Dunsford Do Lily Taps who shutout the Weasels. Week 4 showed a team that looked like they had stepped onto the pitch for the first time. The Weasels were stumbling over themselves, failing to block, defend, and keep control of the ball. Fan favoite Yogi the Kislev bear was also injured by a sneaky foul in that game. It left a bad taste in the mouth of fans who booed the Weasels as they walked off the pitch at the end of the game.

After the week 4 loss Coach Strange was quoted ” We had an off day, Nuffle was not in our favor against the taps.”

“We will prevail and we will not end the season with a losing record!!!”

Week 5 against AFS rivals the Port Reaver Outlanders displayed a team that had looked exactly like the team we had all witnessed in the beginning of the season, shutting out the Reavers 3-0. Week 4 was an astonishing week as it not only saw a revamp to the downtrodden Weasels but also saw 2 key upsets. The Taps lost their second place lead and the first Drumptophia Winners saw their first loss. Creating a first place tie between the Weasels and Winners.

Looking ahead at the schedule showed week 6 would be a first place deciding game. The Ice Weasels vs the Winners. Fans flocked from all around to witness the epic battle for first. Ticket prices sky rocketed and merchandise vendors were selling out of swag. The stadium was filled and the refs blew the starting whistle. The Weasels fought a long and hard game. But the Winners were far more disciplined and Coach Strange looked frustrated.

The Weasels were now almost out of the playoffs.

At the end of week 6 the standings were still neck and neck. Even with 2 losses the Weasels were still a playoff hopeful. Next on the board would the Miscatonic Gulls. Once again fans gathered to see the beloved Ice Weasels fight for a chance at post season glory. But not long after the game began, The team captain Snowpelt was injured and removed from the game. The Weasels fought on and scored a touchdown. The rest of the game however did not look as promising. As player after player began to be carried off to the apothecary tent the Gulls took full advantage of the numbers difference ending the game 3-1.

Coach Strange was seen walking off the pitch at the end of their last game with his head held low. In his post game interview he talked about revamping the team in the offseason.  He said ” If we got this close in our second, with a couple tweaks to the playstyle and roster I see potential in this franchise. The Weasels have made a statement in this league and we have made it loud”

He then left the conference room with his held high and full of hope. Ice Weasels franchise owners said they have no plans of replacing Coach Strange in the near future and have high hopes of his plans he has laid before them to make this team a regular contender.

Looking at the Ice Weasels first season compared to their second there is definitive signs of improvement. What does coach Strange have up his sleeves? Not many beings could have such a devastating end to such a fantastic and still have hope in their hearts.

Is Coach Strange the man to lead the Weasels to Blitz glory one day? Will the Weasels ever make it to the postseason? What plans are being laid out for the Weasels third season? In the end, only Nuffle knows, but this writer is excited to see what becomes of it all.

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