Heresy re-sign QB Tristain Caddy to a 1-Season Deal

HAZARD – The Hazard Heresy have re-signed veteran quarterback Tristain Caddy to a one-season contract in a move reflecting the role he played in mentoring rookie Ian Rush through last season.

The signing on Monday comes after Hazard closed out a less than stellar 0-2-5 season, in which Caddy had a career-best 9 passes for 94 yards and 116 yards rushing.

Caddy completed his 1st season and was signed by Hazard immediately after the regular season ended. He has no wins as a starter. “We have extreme confidence in Trist”, said GM Vinny Winnilotti, “and [we] believe he has yet to reach his full potential.”

Caddy was a late fifth-round pick in the Season 4 Draft.




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