Heresy Hires Champion to Lead Team In Time of Tumult

Just over a week since the Hazard Heresy dismissed its prior season coach, the team has named the man set to replace him: Former MML Champion DiscoDavo.

“As we narrowed the search for the individual best suited to lead our program, DiscoDavo not only stood out for his talent as a coach,” Heresy General Manager, Vinny Winnilotti, said in Friday’s announcement, “but most importantly for the role he has played as a mentor to players throughout his career and his deep commitment to helping them grow into leaders on and off the field.”

The Heresy program has been wracked by tumult since Chris Jame’s untimely death early in the season.

The blame for the deadly incident spread widely in the weeks that followed. First laid with medical personnel, which “misdiagnosed” Jame’s ailments – according to Hersey Head Abbot – the blame soon also fell on the head coach for allegedly fostering a culture of pain.

In its announcement Friday, the Heresy largely kept to the warmer, more recent memories of Jame’s time.


2 thoughts on “Heresy Hires Champion to Lead Team In Time of Tumult

    • March 3, 2019 at 06:07

      Nah It was mine … I left him unprotected on the pitch screaming “I am exposed, just kill me!”. Poor man, he didn’t deserve to die so young 🙂

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