Heads will roll in Philly

After their third season of Blitz and having failed to make the playoffs again things were looking bleak for the Pounding Fathers. Attendance had fallen off and more than their troubles on the field now money was tight for their upcoming fourth season. Owner/Coach Rmac didn’t know if he could keep the franchise afloat, he needed something to get the blood crazed Philly fans excited again. Everyone had been flocking to the other side of town to watch the Tailgate Bullies chorf killing machine Rath Blackheart ever since Foaming Mad had died. As he sat in his office drinking way too much mead Nuffle provided a glimmer of hope. As he watched the Bullies playoff game against the Butetown Brawlers on Cablal TV it happened, and he almost thought it was just the mead making him see things, but it was real. Blackheart lay dead on the field. The Apothecary was quickly brought onto the field though and to Rmac’s disappointment Blackheart was revived. The glimmer of hope extinguished. As the match continue and Rmac began to fade off in a drunken stooper he heard the announcer proclaim “he is dead again” Rmac snapped back to reality just in time to see that Blackheart had been felled again, this time by a massive Treeman and with the apothecary already having left the building there was no coming back this time. This immediately sobered Rmac up, Blackheart was dead! This could be our chance! As if that wasn’t enough help, the end of season announcements had multiple teams being retired and new teams being formed which lead to more good news. Momo, the famed architect of one of the most prolific kill teams in the league The Dunsford Do Lilly Taps disbanded them to acquire the Molenas Great Warriors who were being disbanded by President Beerz, who by the way seemed to have evaded the Fathers’ fans who driven to Canada to speak with him. This meant that the original target acquisition from their first year in the league Arnold Chorfzenegger was now going to be a free agent again. Rmac would have to do some off season maneuvering and pretty much mortgage the farm but he had to bring Chorfzenegger to Philly where he belonged. Rmac auctioned off their first four picks in the upcoming draft to build up some capital and was able to acquire the second overall pick in the draft to ensure that Arnold Chorfzenegger was a now a Pounding Father. Season ticket sales immediately tripled and the Fathers had reclaimed their fan base and a solo sponsor which would ensure that their money woes would be over come season 14. The next week as the team and staff was welcoming Arnold to the fold the locker room with some cheesteaks and Yuengling lager the door swung open and the imposing figure of the Hulk stood in the doorway fresh back from Starblocks Medical Center. As he strode in to the now silent room he raised both hands and proclaimed “the operation was a success, all we need to do now is make some heads roll”. Rmac starred with excitement at the shiny razor sharp claws now attached to Chorfgan’s massive hands. He had done it, Chorfgan and Chorfzenegger would herald the franchises’ rebirth as they would give the Philly fans what they want most…………..heads rolling all over the field.

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