Hashut Howlers Fancy a bit

So the coach was sat in the Crispy Lizard with his third ale pondering over his team sheet. The pressure he was feeling was immense but cuts were to be made. It was a tough first season but the team showed glimmers of promise at times. Money in the Bank was one stand out player as was Behemoth, both definitely make the cut. Shame young Balrund died during his very first season in the league but nobody told him it would be easy. Still, made the short list that little more easier.

Its a grim job building a new team, which direction to move into next. More aggression or to take a risk and experiment.

Coach ordered another ale as he eyeballed a new face in the Inn. A strong looking character with quite the smirk on his face who was staring straight back at him. Coach beckoned him over ” That’s a big grin on your face, do you know who I am?” “I do coach. Everyone around the plateau knows who you are, you brought the great game here”. “So you interested in Blood bowl friend?” A grin grew over the youngsters face ” Indeed coach, I thought you would never ask. Old Money sent me your way”

That sold it, experiment and risk it is. What’s the worst that could happen?

Who knows what opposition the upcoming season will bring  but the Howlers certainly fancy a bit.


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