Hashut Howlers, a new beginning

Coalition: Far East Association

Season Of Creation: Season 11

GM: Nickglnge

Coach(s): Nickglnge

Stadium Name: Daemon Stump Plateau


A slightly unhinged hobgoblin who goes by the name of Radak The Knife. After quite the successful career as a sneaky, dirty, frightful, damn right filthy but strangely loyal assassin, Radak The Knife was recently approached by the Hashut Howlers to be their team mascot. Now as far as mascot’s go Radak is slightly different. He always pumps up the crowd as what would be expected, bouncing around, causing the odd ruckus with other mascot’s but there is always that glint in his dark eyes. Unfortunately, his loyalty to his team is second only to its star players and as we all know, which could possibly one day be his downfall. It isn’t unknown for opposition fans, and on the odd occasion opposition player’s to “disappear” during a match due to untoward comments as such.



So, the new coach was a “little” nervous to say the least. Stepping up from the amateur leagues to the Blitz league was huge. How he had been approached did miff him a little. After not a particular strong season with the orc team “Dem Teef Boyz”, it seems Warboss Bagrud Longtoof saw something in him and approached his Black Orc brothers now living in union with the Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins of Daemon Stump post Black Orc Rebellion and had put in a good word. Or he had had enough and quite simply sent him to his death. Pondering on this whilst swigging his ale, he thought it couldn’t be the latter as Longtoof wasn’t known for his lack of aggression. An ogre representative of the Ivory Road protection clan wandered into the Crispy Lizard to honour their alliance. The ogre wore a patch over his left eye, odd as he lifted it so he could see which table to join but the coach said nothing. Then in burst Scabtooth, the Skaven raider from the now disbanded Skully clan that wander the Worlds Edge Mountains preying on the naïve travellers and tradesmen post warpstone incident. A tale for another time.  Scabtooth was known to all as someone who couldn’t be trusted. The Ogre’s of Ivory Road were more than aware of his deceitfulness. So around an old grimy table sat an Orc, a Chaos Dwarf, a Hobgoblin, an Ogre and a Skaven. Coach thought this was the beginning of a bad joke and he was the punchline “Sooooooo” boomed the Orc, “You arrr da uman Longtoof says is gud?” Coach put down his ale and pulled every ounce of courage he had, stood and announced “Ai, I am he. Longtoof believes I am the man to bring this unlikely association together, form a team, get you on the field and possibly score a touchdown or two whilst crunching a few opposition”. His voice was a little broken. He gulped; the air seemed still, all seven eyes on him, or was it  eight???. He picked up his ale, took a large swig and crossed his fingers behind his back.

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