Hangovers suffer Humiliating Defeat!

Beep, beep, beep… The sound of the EKG machine continued into the pressing silence. GM Darkhairman2 stood at the end of the room, looking over the carnage from the last match.

”It’s not as bad as it looks boss.” Jim said as he finished reading the doctors reports, “The doc said we should have most of the guys back for our final matchup of the season.”

Darkhairman2 shot him a look that would have melted steel and replied “Hrmph! These guys were supposed to be the best of the best, yet last week the only thing we proved to be good at was taking injuries or laying down and losing the ball!”

Bill quickly cut in “I had read their dossiers before giving you the nod on anyone to try to make sure they would be tough enough for the MML, but how was I to know there were so many bloodthirsty Coaches in this league? You know it’s our first time..” and as the words left his mouth, Darkhairman2 quickly shot a boot to his midsection.

”You didn’t know there was bloodthirsty coaches in the MML? They mix the two things we love, Mead and Mayhem, with a side of Blood Bowl and you expected them to be polite? Bill, I’m seriously going to reconsider your value as our scouting agent if you keep up with these weak excuses!”
Bill cowered into the corner and proceeded to whimper to himself about the unfairness of Darkhairman2s wrath, as Darkhairman2 stormed out of the hospital room and into the night to get some space from this group of misfits he put together. He was thinking to himself about the savagery of the loss to Sturmjarl and how to improve his own weaknesses before his next match as he strode into the dark…

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