Gumbo (Be Different)

Running, running and running, that was Gumbo’s thing. He’d been around the clock a few times now but he still had it. Gumbo never had any interest in anything other than running really. It had got him into trouble at times. Running from the farmer after stealing veg. Running from a rather angry band of goblins after stealing their loot. Even running from his wife after she had found out about his shenanigans with a certain group from the “Boney Pony”. Gumbo had been quite fortuitous until now. This very day the Skavenblight Scramblers were encamped outside of town on their way to a game. Gumbo saw this as an easy opportunity to make a few easy coin. He started to sneak up on the camp, the stench and the flys were somewhat overpowering but he didn’t let this hinder him. Gumbo spied Sandch Blackpelt’s tent, knowing this is where the touring teams loot was kept. Gumbo could not resist such a chance. As he tip toed through the camp, he didn’t notice the noses twitching and the eyes slightly opening. Gumbo stopped in his tracks as he became intoxicated by a small but magnificent amulet around Sandch’s neck. Without any hesitation or tact , Gumbo snatched the amulet and ran. He heard the screeching of the entire team and entourage behind him, then the claws thumping into the ground as they gave chase. A young gutter runner caught up with Gumbo but as he tried to take him down, he handed him off grinding his teeth into the ground. Gumbo was now running as fast as he could, faster than ever before back to Artois. There was a figure looking on from the rampart, watching a man run from a 15 rat strong team his players were due to play in the morn, creating some distance between them. Stroking his beard with a slight smile on his face, the coach left rampart for the main gate alerting the guards of the incoming danger whilst passing(edited)
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