Greed is Good

Gordon was the son of a humble fitter in the Death Roller factory, employed to get into the nooks and crannies that the pudgy fingers of the dwarves just couldn’t reach. The pay was lousy, barely enough to put crickets on the table, and worse the dwarves treated the humble skink appallingly working him to an early death.


Gekko was wracked with inner turmoil for Gekko, he was a massive Blood Bowl fan as a youngling but he knew the way his Pappa had been treated was wrong. Witnessing the Dwarf Giants win the Blood Bowl Championship XXIV he swore then that he’d show those dwarves not to underestimate his Pappa or skinks in general.


He knew not only did he have to be tough and strong he also had to be smart. He applied himself in the gym and soon became known as the go to skink who could wear heavier armour, take the hits and keep on charging. Fearless Gordon would scoot into the nooks and crannies on the astrogranite and put his steel tipped studs into the soft spots when the ref wasn’t looking – especially against those dwarves.


Off the field Gekko’s motto was ‘Greed is good’ – he knew he didn’t want to struggle like his pappa did. He taught himself the dark arts of protection rackets, gambling and other nefarious activities. It wasn’t long before the charismatic Gekko came to the attention of Goblin Gambling and as his Blood Bowl career advanced he signed a contract, worth a small fortune, to be a GG Ambassador!

A rare moment of destiny came to Gekko as he lined up for Gwaka’moli Crater Gators against the dwarven team, Bugman’s Best in the Blood Bowl Championship semi-final. He put a large side bet on that the Gators would win 2-1 at long odds (loan sharks may or may not have been involved – it’s called leverage!) and in a dark corner of the stadium had a quiet word with the ref before kick-off. 


Gekko played the game of his life, putting the boot in with impunity he had laid low several dwarves and against the odds the Gators were up 2-1 (no small thanks to Gekko’s impressive fouling) as they headed into the final turn of the match. Gekko had broken free and only two measly GFI’s stood between him, glory and a historical 3-1 win against the dwarves for the Gators… this would surely show those dwarves… unbelievable scenes as the usually agile Gekko tripped up over the goal line spilling the ball into the crowd – was that a wink from Gekko? 


Who knows, but after this incredible winning performance Gekko seemed to build a vast fortune overnight before buying the Gator franchise to delight the fans as the only owner / player in the MML!


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