Fife Falcons in Spending Spree Row

The Fife Herald has learned exclusively that coach Josiah Frost, current head coach of the Fife Falcons, has been summoned for an audience with His Highness the king to explain a series of spending decisions prior to the season 2 draft of the MML Blitz.

Coach Frost was taken under the cover of darkness, last night, at approximately 1am, from his lodgings at St Regulators tower, and transported to Falkland Palace where His Highness was believed to be meeting with ministers and other aides. The Fife Herald was able to speak to one palace insider, who wished to remain anonymous, but reported the following; “Coach Frost was taken into the throne room, at Falkland Palace, and after making the obligatory genuflections was asked under no uncertain terms to explain his ludicrous expenditures to His Highness, our King. Frost made an account of it, although did seem visibly shaken. He recovered a little after one of His Highness’ footmen brought him a brandy, a cigar to smoke and His Highness afforded him the luxury of standing. Following the meeting His Highness did express continued confidence in Frost, but Frost should be under no illusion that he is ‘on notice.’ – God save the King for his wisdom!”

The Fife Herald understands that included in Coach Frost’s spending decisions was a hotly questioned sum of $180, 000 for medical insurance. Sources indicate that His Highness seemed particularly displeased regarding this particular decision and was even heard to suggest Coach Frost may need this same insurance, personally, if it did not prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Other expenses included $120, 000 to go towards the creation of a Minor League team, (which the Fife Herald understands will be named ‘Tayside Icerats.’) It is understood that His Highness did seem pleased with Coach Frost’s rationale regarding this choice and was even impressed when Coach Frost was understood to explain that this would bring prestige to the team and to the Kingdom.

Fife Falcons will be taking part in the upcoming season 2 draft and whilst all involved with the team are close lipped regarding what part the team will play, it is believed that there may be yet more expenses incurred, with some questioning whether or not there will actually be any funds left in the Fife Falcons’ coffers to deposit into their new Bank of Altdorf Savings account.

It is not all expenses, however. It is also understood that Coach Frost has secured a further contract of sponsorship from ‘Rock Hard Rocks.’ At the end of the inaugural season of MML Blitz this sponsorship deal had propelled the Falcons to being the 3rd most lucrative franchise in MML Blitz, whilst not achieving a playoff spot or any form of accolade, this had still done a great deal to allay pre-existing concerns that Frost may not be the right coach for the ‘Fifer mentality.’ Fife Falcons had a very rocky start, in the first season, but following their first two matches began to put in some solid ‘on field’ performances leading to ‘Rock Hard Rocks’ apparently handing over in excess of $2M.

Will Frost’s spending decisions lead to the ruin of the team? Would he have been better depositing the Fife Falcons newfound wealth into savings? Only time will tell. Frost’s position will depend on it. One thing that is well known in Fife is that His Highness, our king, has little sympathy for a spendthrift!



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