Farseers see future without Thunden…

Another season as the elf bridesmaids to the murdermake of the other MML Blitz! teams had left the elf team wondering at the ability of eternal plucky contender, Coach Thundens, credentials to get them to the prize.

This season had been more bloody than all the others combined… not only losing such reliable players as Celkith Ringmaster and Tenacious Physicality… but also team maverick Silvanesti Beardhater. It was this last death that irked the team and the Farseers.

Coach Thunden had decided early on in the game against newly hated opponents, Tiger Bay Tramplers, to use the apothecarys skills on his own personal favourite player, Loner Simpson, the apo had saved him from death but left him with a niggling spine problem. Sure enough late in the game Beardhater was targeted by the dastardly Rage Walker and stabbed to death on the pitch. Such was the ignominious manner of his demise that a far right supporters group targeted Thunden immediately asking for his instant dismissal. The unrest was building, the coach was said to have lost the dressing room with none other than Rudolph Redzone, the overall high scorer in the Blitz leagues, with 38 TD’s over 4 seasons stating that he would not play under Coach Thunden next season.

The Farseers Guild, viewed this as a tipping point. Not only were they unhappy at the new regime changes that Coach Thunden had made, by sacking their catering staff and having his own suppliers brought in, Jeffreys Volovants, but he had also insisted that all coaching and playing staff drink tea with milk in. Supposedly healing in it’s non mystical properties… well that worked well this season didn’t it! However their decision was made. They needed someone with proven quality to come in.

As Coach Thunden left the Craftworld board room, he shook his head at the unfairness of it all. He’d done well surely? How could he possibly get the sack?! How on earth could they blame him for making playoffs every season and so very nearly… then he saw him. He sighed. Tipped his imaginary hat to the waiting human who sat there sitting his Irn Bru and left, sparing one longing look back at what might have been…



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