Exciting New Changes!

Blitz is always looking for ways to make our Coaches and General Managers experience better. To that end, the staff has made some adjustments to the general structure of the league. We found that a consistent price point to entry was prohibitive of some of our Coaches and GMs, so we wanted to ensure that we rewarded those who are loyal Blitzers while still ensuring that the barrier to entry into the Blitz was nominal for new Coaches and GMs.

The following will go into effect week one of Season 3.

Blitz will be going F2P (Free to Play), sort of.

  • Returning teams will receive a Free Season Pass at the end of the season
    • This pass is only good for the next season and cannot be transferred to future seasons
    • This pass is for the team it was issued to, not the Coach or GM of that team
    • This pass may be gifted to another Coach or GM who wishes to take on the team
  • New Teams will need to purchase a Season Pass ($15USD)

Commentary: Note that the season passes are for teams, and not coaches (players). In this way we can better keep franchises around and playing season after season, while still allowing new teams. We also wanted to allow for teams that no longer have a Coach or GM to continue in the league under new ownership and/or a new coaching staff. The Free Season Pass will allow those teams to continue on, even while the original owner decides to bring in a new team – perhaps even playing against his old team!!


  • Weekly BlitzCoin prizes will be removed.
  • Runner-Up will receive $15USD
  • Champion will receive $50USD

Commentary: We wanted to make the prizes more meaningful and bring them inline with a more streamlined experience. Worried that your bank of BlitzCoins is now wasted? Think again! You can purchase Perks with BlitzCoin at anytime!

Perks (accessed via My Team)

  • Get early access status (Free Agent Pool, Draft Order, etc)
  • Special Discord Title/Logo
  • Special Discord Chat Channel (free refreshments and recliners!!!)
  • other perks to be determined later.

Commentary: With the removal of pay to play season passes (except for New Teams), we knew people still had a stockpile of BlitzCoin. In addition, Blitz also takes real money to keep things running (servers, coding, time, marketing, etc.) and we want to be able to ensure we keep that experience going. This is where perks come in. They are a way for people to choose the experience they want, when the way it.

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