Donks Sack Yudlugar

In a shock announcement this morning, Chairman of the board for the Bolton Donks announced they had parted ways with their manager Yudlugar, despite the team performing above expectations this season and reaching the semi final of the Blitz Bowl.

In front of the hastily assembled press conference, the chairman explained, “Whilst we are thankful to Yudlugar for building the team over the last two seasons and for the success on the pitch this season; behind the scenes things have been difficult and it is best for both parties to sever ties at this point. Despite a semi-final appearance we have barely made a profit this year and a total lack of oversight for player safety had resulted in the death of star thrower, Half-Step Rattles. The division in the dressing room that happened last season also returned and in truth, Yudlugar had lose control of the team.”

Assistant manager MC Cover is set to take over as an interim measure but it is thought the Donks are looking for a permanent replacement with a bit more business savvy to secure the successful long term future of the franchise. Whilst some serious rebuilding will be needed in the off season, it is understood a $2.165 million war chest is available for the right coach.

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