Dark Times

The air was thick around the stadium . The sky was eary black on a late afternoon .  Rumors were traveling the lands of this deadly outbreak.  The Warriors sat inside worried about the people outside and the rest of the old world.   But what could they do?  Coach Slouky Pelt walked into the big meeting room with the long table and the swords of the warriors still sitting in the middle.   Boys I’ve received word from Beerz that the team has donated some gold to try to help stop this outbreak.  Also Beerz has asked that we all sit tight indoors while we wait for are w1 game.   The boys rustled in their chairs uneasy at the thought of what this outbreak could do.  Dr. Shots stood up and started to head to the door.  Goatface Gary turned toward the big Warrior, were you going doc?  I’m heading out to the people outside . They may be suffering from this and what better way to help than patch them up and let them hang with their loved team.  No one needs to come but this I have to do.   The big warrior headed for the door and swung it open with a smile.  The rest of the team looked at each other and started to fallow.  Slouky smiled at the site of his team doing everything as one.  They have bought into the system, they have become stronger than ever.   Now he thought we just need this outbreak to be solved . 

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