Dark Times For The Warriors

This is Wentzel Fourteeth coming to live from outside Warriors Colosseum for Blitz TV!!!
Rumors are flying in Warrior camp. After another defeat when the team looked like they had a chance to score a couple touchdowns and even win their game another lose was their fait.  We’ve been told that after the game fans could hear coach and gm Beerz’s screams coming from the dressing room.  Players were seen leaving the room with their tails between their legs and ears drooped down like a sad wet dog.  The teams warriors looked like they were only 3 feet tall. We tried to get a comment from team captain Bolder but was waved off as he shuffled away.  The team which seemed to for once have built a playoff team for the first time since season 3 has now found them selves in a deep hole.  I reached out to coach and gm of the warriors Beerz and here’s what I got in return.
“What do you mean I seem mad?  I’m not mad I’m enraged.  I put this team together with so much talent and holes filled to stop some of are weaknesses.  I’m afraid we don’t know how to put all these talented players together and find the way to get that first win.   I’m at my wits end with this bunch. I’ll this now if they don’t pull their heads out of their butts they will all find a pink slip in their locker at the end of the season.  Now get out of my office before I make you a tackling dummy, oh wait what an empty threat……errr”.
Looks like the Warriors are in big trouble with the boss.  We’ll have to see how the players react come week 4.
This is Wentzel Fourteeth signing of for Blitz TV

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