Dancing with cheerleaders (Be Different)

Farak was born in 2473 to the head cheerleader of The Waaghs and was the illicit love child of Varag Ghoul-Chewer after a drunken tryst celebrating the Gouged Eye’s famous victory over the Dwarf Warhammers at Blood Bowl XIII. He was born to be different.


Following the travelling scrum that supported the Gouged Eye he was raised by his wayward mother, Beryl, the ugliest black orc, who’s pendulous bosom was talent-spotted on the road in Orcsburgh. She didn’t need asking twice by the Gouged Eye cheerleader coordinator – she happily traded in her welding mask and torch for nipple tassels and a grass hula skirt to enthrall the masses packed into the Doom Dome.

Farak was shunned by Varag on account of his shame at bedding such a heffer, which meant growing up around a fully fledged Blood Bowl team was hell on middle earth. He was taken in and looked after the Waaghs as Beryl, with unnatural rhythm for a Black Orc, enchanted her way to head cheerleader. Whilst Farak couldn’t stand Blood Bowl the hypnotic dance routines of the cheerleaders and the beat of the early 80s disco scene gripped Farak from an early age.

The early grounding Farak gained in cheerleading and his mother’s genes meant he was destined to be different, his feet nimble, his hands unusually dextrous and his heart would soar whenever he got the chance to watch the ‘83’ sensation – Fl’orcdance at the local fleapit.

One fateful day at a Gouged Eye preseason practice his destiny was to change course from his dream to be the first Black Orc to go to dance school. Varag showing off trying to do a no look catch ended up tripping over a water butt on the edge of the field… the ball flying through the air on course to hit Missy, the young cheerleader Farak had a soft spot for, right on the bonce. In the moment, sheer instinct, saw Farak stand astride the prone Varag before leaping into the air to make a diving one handed catch saving Missy from her blushes.

Varag lost his cool, rising to his feet in anger… “What kind of maniac are you standing on me?!” as he drew back his fist to put this bastard child in his place. Star quarterback, Harg Vainkill, stepped in front of his captain – facing him down and saving Farak from a beating.

The kerfuffle hadn’t gone unnoticed by the coach and before you could say Fl’orcdance – Farak

‘maniac’ Fl’orcdance as he was dubbed by Vainkill was brought into the team to give the Gouged Eye something they’d never had before – a catcher!

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