Chief Apothecary Office Report – Preseason

Hey everybody!  And don’t any of you think of comparing me to that quack Nick from a certain show… I am a serious doctor!  Now how about we have a look at our pre-season report!

Well it looks like there were 833 fools willing to join Blitz! as players.  Those Player Union Agents sure did a good job scouting them out of the pubs and caves they were hiding in! And want to know the even better news, 97 of the fools were already prepped for my tables.

And who out there says that injured guys are worthless? 43 of them have already been drafted to teams! 43 stolen away from the possibilities of my healing hands. 43 guys who may return in even more precious and delicate states.

But fear not, that leaves 54 players for me to work on.  54 guys that will be introduced to my operating tables. 54 guys that could potentially be much more appealing for your rosters next season.  Maybe you will return some of my initial 97, maybe you will add some more, who out there other than the Great Lord Nuffle can truly answer?

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Dionysis


Total Players: 833

Niggled Players: 13

Stat Down Players: 84

Potential Surgeries: 54

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