Chas’n’Dave (Be Different)

Chas ‘n’ Dave born of two heads, one body and a mass of arms were a sight to behold… shunned by their mother at birth as being hideous even for a darkened chaos dwarf. But Chas ‘n’ Dave had a very sunny disposition, despite being chorfs and even though they knew they were different and destined to be rejected. At a young age hustling and entertaining on the street to earn a coin here or there came naturally to them. Before long their melodic harmonies and street drumming with all those arms could reliably generate a crowd that were prepared to throw them a bob or two as they entertained. Music was one passion, the other was Blood Bowl. Introduced to Blood Bowl when they were down the boozer as they followed the Ziggurats on the box in the corner it wasn’t long before Blood Bowl was inspiring their music. The landlord of The World’s Edge pub had a beat up ol’ piano in the corner and knowing how the lads could entertain he invited them to have a tinkle on the ivories to keep the regulars longer drinking beer in exchange for free tankards of the good stuff. Dwarves, hobgoblins, minos and other assorted creatures of the chaos world would come from far and wide to hear the lads play their boogie woogie, toe tapping, singalong numbers.
Then one season the Ziggurats went on an incredible cup run that inspired Chas ‘n’ Dave to pen the chart topping sensation – Ziggurats are on their way to Wembley! Their infectious piano playing soon came to the attention of some of the star players of the Ziggurats and after a stonking semi-final win over the Reikland Reavers they headed down to The World’s Edge pub to have a few beers with the fans and live it up large – east end style. One thing led to another and before the Black Orcs could finish the pub’s supply of pickled eggs Chas ‘n’ Dave were invited to join the Ziggurats on the team bus on the way to the final at Wembley! A brutal match, even for chorfs, saw the Ziggurats take a first half pounding from the Orcland Raiders… the bench was looking thin. There was nothing else for it, the head coach cut a few extra holes, with his claws, in the biggest jersey he had and yoinked it over Chas ‘n’ Dave’s heads. Giving them a swift kick suddenly the boys weren’t on their way to Wembley they were on the Line of Scrimmage preparing to lead the line for the offensive drive! Unbelievably, two working as one Chas ‘n’ Dave with their extra heads, and dexterous piano playing arms saw them skip in between the Raiders before the orcs knew what hit them. Turning the game round to bring home the cup 2-1! Their piano playing days were over and the coach drafted them to lead the line for the Ziggurat’s upcoming Blitz season!

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