Catastrophe strikes the Blackforest


The Blackforest was aghast today, as events unfolded at today’s press conference. Coach Clownzombie had been prepared to speak on their upcoming matchup against the Fife Falcons. But as he stepped to the podium, there was a cacophonous roar, as a large shadow poured over the crowd. Elves dodged away in terror, as their normally welcoming sky was filled with the fearsome might of a dragon!

It swooped in before Coach Clownzombie could react, and plucked him directly off of the stage, carrying him off into the sky. He could be seen fervently scrambling to free himself from the dragon’s clutches, but it was clearly had too tight a grasp, and they disappeared off into the horizon.

GM JimSardonic quickly assessed the situation, and seeing little other option, assumed the coaching role once again. His first order of business was to create a rescue party. Here is a snippet of his speech:

“…so the only logical option, then, is to create a search party to send after Coach Clownzombie. Last week, against the Heresy, Fenrick Fallen and Sully Darkbrow were injured to a point that they aren’t cleared for next week’s action. As such, those two shall lead the campaign to find our Coach. With Fenrick as a team captain and one of the most talented on our squad, we will miss him as long as he is gone — but he is under direction to not return without Clownzombie. We will press on as a team and finish this season with a heavy heart until our Coach is returned.”

A strikingly beautiful elven woman chirps out from the second row: “But how do you know where to send them?”

“My dear, there is only one logical place. The Dragon Isles. Why else would they call it that if there weren’t dragons there? Fenrick and Sully will go in a testament of good will and barter the return of our Coach. I’ve given them the 50k winnings we had from last game, and if that’s what it takes to make us whole again — then that’s a small price to pay. But if not…”

A smile creeps across the face of the coach turned GM turned coach…

“…then week 5, those Poachers will have hell to pay!”

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