Bullrunners Bullied on home turf

Bullrunners Bullied on home turf


Coach O’Glory sat in the dugout looking out over the astrogranit, the wind whistled round the empty stadium and a solitary tear rolled down his cheek.

He thought Blitz was finally going to be where he rose to the top, where people finally saw his genius. Then the Tailgate Bullies showed up, sure it wasn’t the worst defeat of the season but this one hurt. They had walked round the Bull pit causing injuries seemingly at will, they had out muscled and out played them from the very start. Greg luzinski was gone even the Appo couldn’t save him, Tallhelm was on injury reserve now as well and right at the end it looked like they were going 2 for 2 on the bulls until the appo pulled him back from the brink. It was for these players he shed the tear and swore revenge, he just needed more time and had to pray he got it.

The only bright side had Been Bob Greezy and the wizard, those two had done there job with the wizards lightning bolt ensuring there only TD of the game.

FTcush watched O’glory from his box, this season was a right off and really O’glory should pay the price. Watching him in the dugout though he knew he had the right Dwarf for the job, they had both learnt a lot this season now it was time to look forward to draft day rebuilding a team was all part of the fun after all.

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