Breaking out from the Circus

The Vladivostok Flying Circus’ zenith travelling from Russian town to town was long behind them and the Siberian winters just re-emphasised the hard times they had fallen upon. All that was about to change when Carla the Cossack took the chance with a half day dash from Irkutsk to drop in on the illicit bear market across the border in Ulaanbaatar.


Borislav the Brown was a different kind of bear, something that Carla the Cossack had spotted early on when he was a cub. Dextrous paws and a playful nature meant he could be easily dismissed as not being fierce. However it was clear to Carla he was unusual and being young enough could be a perfect replacement for tired old Bogdan the Bear if trained up in the ways of the Circus.


It wasn’t long before Borislav was doing unheard of things for a bear; juggling, tight rope walking – he was almost as nimble on his paws as Boris the acrobat. His reputation quickly preceded him and once again the Vladivostok Circus was flying high! Ticket sales through the roof as people travelled for days from the small hamlets to get a glimpse of Borislav the Brown as the Circus trod the well known route of the Trans Siberian Railway.

It wasn’t long before Borislav the Brown and his talents came to the attention of the nefarious Russian Oligarch who owned the infamous Blood Bowl team the Moscow Maulers. Despatching his hooded henchman off to retrieve the bear with strict instructions not to return without Borislav, the job was as good as done. The shrouded hood hid a snarl and a dark spirit who was accustomed to taking what he wanted. It was child’s play really, befriending the halfwit acrobat who was desperate for some quality vodka not available out in the middle of nowhere – he had nodded off after a few minutes.

Borislav was enticed out of his cage with a slab of meat and into the awaiting van to whisk him off back to Moscow. The first half of the mission accomplished… a year later and after an intense training program Borislav the Brown had gone from a jovial juggling bear to a snarling beast terrifying the living daylights of the opponents who lined up against the Moscow Maulers. Having lost none of his nimbleness Borislav was set to become a terror and a Bltiz legend for seasons to come….


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