Breaking News – Longtime Fixture of Blitz Under Investigation

As of 10pm tonight this blogger has learned that an official investigation has been opened at the MML Blitz League offices to look into potentially deceptive practices by the former owner of the Monte Cristo Hotdicers and current coach of the Necropolpyse Narcoleptics, Bernie Buffon.   The source of the investigation centers around the health of former Hotdicer player Dodge Viper and what was or wasn’t disclosed prior to that team shuttering operations and Dodge Viper entering free agency.   


After signing the richest free agent contract in the history of Blitz this offseason with perennial contender,  Philly Tailgate Bullies, his play on the field has been subpar and quite frankly dreadful.  This has infuriated the Bullies fanbase to the point of blind rage and raised serious questions among the team’s coaching staff and front office to try to find an explanation for his precipitous drop in performance through the first 4 games.  Of particular concern has been his seeming inability to leap with any consistency or effectiveness after being the most accomplished leaper in the league the last several seasons.   Multiple people are reporting they saw Dodge Viper walking with a slight limp when he showed up at the team facility to sign his contract and participate in their offseason conditioning program.  In addition, in the medical tent after the Bullies’ most recent game against the Nappanee Nightmares and leaving the tent with his right knee wrapped in ice and in a stabilizing brace after another failed leap.   


A source close to this with the Bullies has informed us that the leading theory now is that Viper suffered a knee injury towards the end of last season when he was with the Hotdicers which was never disclosed on his medical report before becoming a free agent this past offseason.  When reached for a comment the Bullies owner and coach Jimmy Mac told us “we are confident that the commissioner will take this investigation seriously and that strong, swift action will be taken if any unethical behaviors are found to have taken place”


Multiple calls to Bernie Buffon’s office have gone unreturned as have emails we have sent.   This is not the first time he has been embroiled in controversy and is notorious for despising the press particularly when they shine light on any of his questionable business practices.  One of our correspondents did reach MML Blitz commissioner Beerz earlier tonight, however received nothing but a stern “No comment”.   


We will be following this unfolding story closely over the next few weeks as this could have explosive ramifications on this season as well as future seasons.    More to come as it develops.

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