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The Jamul Jabronis owner / head coach Shadow Webster will be stepping back from his position as head coach for the Jamul Jabronis in S2 of the Blitz league. Coach Shadow Webster will step into the role as the team’s General Manager (GM). When asked by reporters what was the reason for the change in his role within the team his response was, “I needed to step back from the Jamul Jabronis week to week coaching responsibilities in order to ensure the success of the franchise for the future.” Additionally Shadow stated, “I also need to focus on development of some of my Farm teams within the MML and I will be fielding a new Norse team a brand new TT league in July in the coming months.” The new Head coach for Jamul Jabronis will be Coach is Bryan 506 (PSN ID ssbn616g) in S2 and he comes with over 20yrs experience in various formats of BB and currently has 7 teams in development in the farm ranging in tv value from 930 – 1790. Coach Bryan’s smash mouth coaching style is a perfect fit for Jabronis and has a combined win (win & tie combined %) rate of 71.19% in the MML farm. The following responsibilities below will be divided between Shadow & Bryan.

Bryan 506

  • Coaching of week to week games in S2 in the Blitz League
  • Hiring of any necessary Rookie during S2 season (with no approval needed of GM)
  • Input on starting roster for S2, Including Draft pool desired players.

Shadow Webster

  • Full control of Jamul Jabronis financing including but not limited to selection sponsorship for team, purchase of team services, and player insurance.
  • Participation of S2 draft in the Blitz League.
  •  Final decision (with Bryan 506 input) on firing of any Jamul Jabronis player and starting roster for S2 of the Blitz league.



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