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At the end of season 9 there was a big bust-up with the player and GM.The players didnt like how they were being kept hostage by the dictator that is Alma.
For example lewis micheals wife and pups being kept shackled and caged to make sure he stays. Overkill found out about this and disagreed with Almas ways
so he decided to back the players and they over through Almas tyranical ways. Leading to Overkill taking the roll of the GM. Some players disagreed with
this and parted there ways but most of the players stayed around out of respect for Overkill and showing guts to stand upto the GM and taking over this
massive resposabilty.The players that stayed knew Overkill was worried about the job but they were willing to give him a helping hand where they could
by showing potential stars that he could sign and players they’d like to play with. Overkill stil has the same brutal coaching style but a more softer
GMing style than Alma. Overkill came out and said ” I didnt have to much contact with alma over the past season and i am shocked and appauled at the treatment
of my stars if id have known this is how they would have been treated id have done something sooner”. But Alma seems to have landed another GMing and coaching job
when we told Overkill about this he said ” I will put a end to this tyrancial mans reign where ever he goes ill will try and make him a laughing stock so no team will
take him on again easier said than done as he’s a great coach but no matter how good you are you can’t treat your players like that its appauling that abother team would
take him after all this but it shows you how desperate some teams are to win”. This should start a intresting rivalry between the two coaches i wonder if they’ll play
in the same divisions or will they have to try and meet in the play-off guess well have to find that out over the course of the season.

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