Blue Bloods VS Owls

The first season of the new Blitz league had started and the Eoforwic Blue Bloods played in the opening match against the Antwerp Owls a dirty, smelly Afterlife United team coached by Royke033. Before the match started the main concern in the Blue Bloods changing rooms was how to get those stubborn zombie drool stains out of their crisp white uniforms and will the smell of wet wolf fur remain in the team bar afterwards! After coaching chaos, skeletons and more lately ogres Hairy couldnt believe what he was hearing! “I think you’re main concern should be will I die and come back as a zombie or will I have my guts ripped out by a clawed werewolf “! That got the team’s attention.

As kick off time approached at Eboracum Citadel the buzz and excited could be heard all over the city of Eoforwic and the home fans streamed into the stadium whilst one end behind the Owls endzone was reserved for the Owls fans, (quarantined away from everyone else due to the smell). The Blue Bloods kicked off in the first half and the teams met for the first time trading blows on the line of scrimmage. The Owls made an early dash into the Blue Bloods half but Dragos Heartbeat the musclebound high elf lineman took the opportunity to blitz the ball carrier and the ball came loose which his team were able to recover and Dragos managed to injure one of the Blitz Ras in the process and left an opportunity for the young Bretonnian blitzer Ilove de Bris to score the first touchdown in Blitz history!

In the second half Eoforwic set up to receive the ball with Bradley Long the quarterback taking the ball nearly full length of the pitch himself! Unfortunately he didn’t count on the lycan lunatic Blufur Fleebag running back and hitting him full on in the face! Bradley’s life quite literally flashed before his eyes as he lay there lifeless on the turf. The Bretonnian Ultimate Pampering Association (the apos) tried in vain to save him, it took the kiss of his girlfriend Scarlett Yourhandsonme who is the captain of the cheerleaders “The Diamond Dutchesses” to revive him. You see boys and girls, fairy tales are real and loves true kiss can work real magic. He jumped back on his feet and was comforted in the dugout by her until he felt fit to continue. Luckily this wasn’t too long as Ilove De Bris scooped up the loose ball for his second touchdown. That’s how the score remained, not the bloodiest start to the season and with those damn deadies regenerating it was hard to keep them off the pitch.

The Blue Bloods headed into the bar to celebrate afterwards. Much mead was drunk and much mayhem ensued soon afterwards when three of the cheerleaders where caught tickling Bluefur Fleebag’s tummy in the corner. Barstools went flying across the room, glasses were thrown at other players, it wasn’t until Grok Bigclaw the team mino broke wind when order was restored. It was as if the authorities has entered the room and released a stun gas! Everyone ran outside gasping for fresh air!! This had the desired effect on calming everyone down, hands were shaken, more mead was drunk and much laughter could be heard into the dark hours.

Next week Doompeak Tunnelers.

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