BLITZ!!! Weekly Star Spotlight: Foaming Mad Furrikson

Introducing a new weekly segment for MML BLITZ! The Weekly Star Spotlight a new publication  to bring you the background, careers, and personal sides of your favorite Blitz Stars.

This week, take a look at the unexpected playful side of one of Blitz League’s most FEARED killers, Foaming Mad Furrikson, star Chorf Blocker.

Furrikson, was a 3rd round gem in the inaugural Blitz League draft. He has spent his entire career with the Macon Money of the Western Division. After 2 successful seasons with the Money there was some speculation he would move elsewhere for a huge payday, however Furrikson’s relationship with the management and his fellow players kept him home and he resigned an extensive contract with the only team he has ever known in professional play.

Furrikson has been purely dominant on the field. Through the first two seasons of Blitz, he ranks 2nd overall in the xKID statistic (Expected Knockouts/Injury/Deaths) and tied for 3rd overall BLITZ rating (the overall metric of how Blitzy a player is).

Through his first two seasons here are the statistics Furrikson has put up.

Season GP TD Ta+ Ta- Inj+ Inj- KO+ KO- Cas+ Cas- Dead+ Dead- Surfs Rush Pass mPass Catch Int+ Int-
Season 01 7 0 55 28 39 12 10 3 11 2 2 0 1 12 0 0 0 0 0
Season 02 7 0 44 24 33 3 9 0 7 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

His TWELVE rushing yards make him an elite level rusher for a Chaos Dwarf. He is also known to be devastating with his claws, having injured permanently quite a few players. Claw, Dauntless, Mighty Blow, Pile On and Guard make him a devastating force on the pitch.

Image result for chaos dwarf blood bowl

Beyond the stat line, Furrikson is more interesting than most know. He was born far east of the Worlds Edge Mountains. The son of a Famed Chaos Dwarf inventor, he was orphaned at a young age when his father blew up the family spire in a exploded experiment. He was placed into a group home and this was where he learned to play blood bowl. One thing he did take from his father is his nickname “Foaming Mad” which comes from the fact he is foaming at the mouth every game every play. It turns out his father had been working on a counter active concoction to ease the common occurrence of heart burn for a dwarf. He called in TUMZZ. Even though the alchemy of this eventually took his life, his earlier versions of the substance can be taken with carbonation to create a foaming action. Furrikson, in tribute to his father, takes this combination before every game. Part prank, Part intimidation, it has become his defining feature. To his teammates, they have long known this prank and it has helped keep the clubhouse light even at the most trying of times.

As he worked his way through the amateur leagues, Furrikson has not been without his off field issues. Having permanently lost his license to fly a gyrocopter after a brutal accident that took the lives of 6 hobgoblin slaves, Furrikson hit a low. He stayed out of jail on the condition he kill a player per week in the Junior leagues of his home. He was able to turn his life around and using his Pile On technique he was able to kill 16 players that season and earned the attention of Blitz scouts.

“He does have a temper and that can be a real strength on the blood bowl pitch” GM of the Macon Money was quoted when asked about Furrikson’s tumultuous past. There was some speculation his temper and past legal issues cause him to fall in the draft. After passing on him with their first two pick, GM More Shots gladly pulled the trigger. If you ask his head coach Preach however, he has a totally differnt assessment of Furrikson’s demeanor. “As a player, he has a softer side, is playful and not afraid of anything. . .but he doesnt like to get dirty”

These days Furrikson is known to his teammates as a light hearted friendly team leader. After missing out on their sponsorship, the Money had to part ways with several stars. Many thought Furrikson would be the first to walk for a lucrative deal. Instead, he stayed home and the team decided to regroup around him. He is happy go lucky during practices. Every bit of passion is there still during games. Players still quiver at his foaming growl but these days Furrikson rarely goes to the ground with his Pile On technique.

When asked why Furrikson replied “Hey, its hard to afford too many sets of clothes on a modest salary, I like to stay clean”

Despite his humble and playful demeanor about his new long term contract Furrikson still donates massive amounts of money to the Macon A Difference Foundation.

And with that we have shined a spotlight on one of MML BLITZ!’s brightest stars.

Tune in Next week (Soon you will have the chance to vote on what player you would like to see in the “Spotlight”)


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