Blitz Players Union Seals Epic Deal

Today Blitz officials announced the close of a monster deal with its parent league the MML ( BBStockExchange Symbol: MML) that will broaden the player base of the Blitz league and strengthen its ties to its parent league, coaches and fans.

“This is a monumental boon [to the league]”, commissioner Preach said. “Not only are we offering a venue for the MML players to continue their careers, but we are bringing tested and veteran talent to the Blitz ranks.”

MML Board Member and MML Hall of Fame inductee, Thunden called the move, “Epic.”

The Blitz league has been riddled with the mysterious disease NZ, reducing the total free agent player pool by over half. League officials have been looking for a way to bolster its numbers, fearful of a busted draft. Tough negotiations have been raging for weeks now, sources report, behind closed doors with not a peep leaked to the populace.

“Just because we are all under the umbrella doesn’t make these things any easier to negotiate,” commented Preach “When it comes to business…we often set family aside.”

The details of the deal are as follows:

  • Any MML player that is fired from their Challenge League or Pro MML team is eligible to enter Blitz Free Agency and be drafted.
    • How it works: The Players Union will monitor the MML league to determine players who are fired, and reach out to their agents to see if they are interested in playing in the Blitz league, if so, they will be added to the Free Agent player pool to be draft eligible.
  • Any MML (CL/Pro/Trophy Case) player who retires or would like to retire from their MML team is eligible to enter Blitz Free Agency and be drafted.
    • How it works: Players who have played 12 or more years are eligible. A Release Player ticket will need to be entered through Players Union Central. This will begin the process of moving the player to Blitz from the MML. A Player Union Rep will contact the coach with further details. Coaches who send retired players to the Blitz league will be compensated with 10 bTV per player (one time use)(all TV caps still apply).
  • MML Farm players are eligible to enter the Blitz draft.
    • How it works: Players level 2 or higher, from the MML Farm, are eligible. A Release Player ticket will need to be entered through Players Union Central releasing the player from the Farm team to Free Agency. A Player Union Rep will contact you and make arrangements to move the player. Farm teams will be compensated for the player at the standard contract rate of that player. Injured players are eligible as well. The Players Union reserves the right to refuse players based on factors such as (position saturation and league need).

The deal is set to go into effect immediately, and already MML league teams are scrambling to talk with their more seasoned players.

“We feel this was the right move, and the right time given the current circumstances,” stated Preach. “We are always look at ways to build bridges, broaden our horizons and give the fans what they really want: good players playing the best game in the world…Blood Bowl!”


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