Blitz Owners Seasonal Session

Each season the owners of each team franchise gather to kick off the Blitz Owners Seasonal Session (BOSS). The BOSS meets to discuss important topics, hash out disputes and comprise initiatives they wish to elevate to the Commissioner of the League.

BOSS Membership:

  • All General Managers are allocated a BOSS chair.
    • 1 Vote
  • Teams without a General Manager will be represented by their Head Coach.
    • 1 Vote
  • The Commissioner of the League
    • No voting power

BOSS Agenda:

  • Commissioner kicks off session During Week 1
  • Members may discuss and vote on any initiatives it deems worthy:
    • In order to merit elevation to the Commissioner an initiative needs:
      • A Majority of the voting members voting “Yay” AND
      • a minimum of 10 “Yay” votes
  • Commissioner closes meeting at the end of Championship Week

BOSS Rules:

  • Any topic may be discussed, but only merited initiatives will be considered by the Commissioner for action.
  • The Commissioner is under no obligation to act on a merited initiative.
  • The BOSS is a self-governing organization answering only to the Commissioner.
  • The Commissioner does not have the power to intercede in the business of the BOSS, unless asked by at least two BOSS members.
  • The BOSS has no power to effect any change in these rules, in the league or in any fashion other than to suggest initiatives to the Commissioner.
  • The BOSS reserves the right to deny a New or Returning (from prior seasons) FranchisesĀ  from entering the League:
    • A 2/3 Majority vote with at least 16 minimum “yay” votes is required.
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