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Hello blood bowl fans this is Unifor media and I am here with Ulric von beerstien for an interview regarding vancouver graveyard stars owned by Unifor the elven syndicate and sponsored by necrosoft.

This teams fresh debut season in blitz and the great start up season turning many heads many going who are these guys and where did they come from the fans are in awe and torn apart about this team with how aggressive reckless and unpredictable this team can be half saying there foolish and cant survive many saying there briallant and playing so well and many saying there just outright crazy lunatics Ulrics replay to these comments “diffinately insane and reckless more fun that way”

Now i asked Ulric what he thought about the fans comments about his blood addiction and some think hes the star and saved the team so many times stripping the ball from opposition and some saying the wolves are the stars his reply was “well were all a team and equal stars im diffinately the defensive heart of the team but the wolves there crazy aggressive and just run around the field like lunatics thats what makes them the offensive stars as for blood addiction issues i have no comment on that”

So what a great start this team has had with a few tough games just barely squeaking into the playoffs and already 22 touchdowns on there first season this team has everyone in an uproar and the players seem to feel great getting in until admittidly the hearts and hopes crushed seeing a 15 player elf team as there first playoff match heres what Ulric had to say

“elfs control the world we know most this team was raised by dark elf necromancers and 15 elf team is very daunting indeed hard to think we will win but Unifor has put us into a regress power hit training over this week knowing that only hope is to take advantage of that weaker armor and cause enough injuries that he cant move around us”

So there you have it blood bowl fans the thoughts and hopes of the vancouver graveyard start a great start up team at end of there first season about to go into playoffs will the elves dance around them ending there season or will they crush and devour them to move on

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