Big Changes at the Bears

News has reached this reporter that big changes are a foot (or should that be paw?) at the Badland Bears.

After the success under the Bears rising star Coach Dragoon, GM Girth had taken the decision to take a step backwards and had over GM duties to his coach – with him remaining in the background to offer his support and advice if needed as President of the franchise.

In his Interview President Girth said

” Our coach has shown exceptional skill and decision making and we are very happy as a franchise to reward this with full control of all team matters.”

“I will be taking a prolonged leave of absence and stepping back to a role of President, save in the knowledge that our new GM/Coach will continue to deliver outstanding results and continue to build our great franchise”

Well folks, big changes for the Bears and this reporter will be interested to see the direction the franchise takes under its young GM, one thing is certain though whatever change are made the Bears plan to be around for a long time #Bearstrong

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