Bear Cub Rising

Badland Bears were down 3 losses and it wasn’t looking good for the aspiring GM (Girth) or coach. Girth had to make some decisions and in the process lost his coach. This was a tremendous loss for the Bears and supporters called for Girths head on pike. Girth acted quickly trying to find a new coach that could appease the fans and this, this is where I come in.

I was a young bear who had supported the badland bears for the entirety of my life. It was tough living in the Badlands, especially now with bears everywhere I turned pillaging and looking for some retribution for the disaster which was the start of the season. I was just travelling to my coach lesson, as I wanted to be a coach myself and one day lead the Bears myself to victory, to be a hero of my people. Little did I know that opportunity was coming to me a lot sooner then anticipated.

I arrived in class where the teacher announced we had a visitor today. I looked around at my fellow class mates and saw chair to my left, whiteboard to my right and good old ruler behind me. Then to my surprise out of all people…. the GM of the Timberwolves came in, I never got his name. He stood at the front of the class and looked directly at me. He howled ‘I must apologise but I cannot stay, got a busy schedule. But I brought a friend to take my place.’ He winked at me.

My eyes dazzled as I looked to the door. His hair so black, his suit so bad, his paws so shiny. ‘It can’t be’ I thought to myself. He then looked at me and looked back at Mr Wolf who, before I could look myself, had disappeared into thin air. The bear then sighed and looked back at me. He grabbed his long piece of meat he had in his pocket and started eating it in front of me. I thought it smelt like roasted ork but not sure.

Without saying anything he went into his big bag and grabbed out a poster like document with the Badlands bears logo on the back. He signed the front and stared at me. He came down to my height. Looked at me in the eyes. Opened his mouth and said ‘something.’ I have no idea what he said I was to busy staring at his great big canines, but it sounded like a question so I just said yes. He put this document in front of me and asked me to sign here. I signed it not fully knowing what I was signing up for. He then through out his right paw and in a very deep and bearlly manner said ‘names girth, gm of the Badlands bears and I’m happy to have you aboard new coach.’

That’s when it hit me what actually happened. I was speechless. Standing there like a circus bear on a tight rope I shook his paw without a word. He then grabbed me and thrown me on his back like I was his own cub and he personally marched me all the way to Boulder Field whilst sharing all the details of what he wanted for from me and how he hoped I would be his Bear-prentice. He showed me where I would live and that anything I wanted he would take care of.

I then watched as he announced to the press the next day that he had found a new coach and he asked everyone to give the new coach a chance and wait till the following season till they criticise him and kill him.

I had never coached a proper game before and I was nervous about the game I had an hour after Girth had just announced that I was the new coach of the Bears. I stood up in front of the players and I gave the most grandest speech. It was like hearing a young version of himself Girth must of thought. It was against the Tramplers. I thought I stood a chance, oh how I was so terribly wrong. They trampled all over my precious players. I was lucky not to have got anyone killed. The one man left standing, Questing Knight, Girths chosen captain of the squad punched me in the face as all the fans booed him off the pitch throwing knives and dead Bretonians at him. I did notice 1 player however and I managed on the final turn of the match squeeze in a touch down to show there was a glimmer of hope for this squad and young coach.

The coach of the Tramplers met me after the game and offered some good advice to help me on my way. Funny enough the GM of the Timberwolves ordered his coach to come in secret to meat me whilst I was out shopping and he gave me the same advice as the coach of the Tramplers.

It came around to the 5th game of the season, I had no idea who I was facing. All I knew is that I needed to do well in this game as Girth had actually turned up to watch me in action. I looked at the squad and I noticed we had a new; animal with a name tag of Hairy Coldclaws. He was a huge yeti and looking at the report he got injured in the game before I got given the job, but he was back and he looked annoyed. It was a very tough affair. It went back and forth and when I was looking at the crowd I then saw some familiar faces. It was the Timberwolves coach and GM sitting with the Tramplers coach. I quickly reached to my electronic board Girth had bought me to help me coach. I went on the standings and I saw that I was against the mighty Fire Hams and if they didn’t win, it would make the Tramplers and Timberwolves lives a lot easier to get into the grand playoffs. I thought ‘that’s why they were helping me’ and in my thought id accidentally ordered Dr Whooooo to move one step to many. The whole stadium went quite. Girth roared in anger as the Hams leaped over my blockers and hit Dr Whooooo.

It was bad. I had 2 turns left and I was down 3-1.

I looked at Girth to see him holding up a menu in anger at me. On the menu in big bold letters was the word, YOU! I knew I was done for. There was no way I could score 2 touchdowns in 2 turns. It was almost impossible. But im young and I didn’t know that so I set up to get 1 back on the second to last turn. My plan worked brilliantly scoring quick with Mike Evans but there was still no way to win. The Hams still had a turn and Juan Smurf was naturally good at running down the field and scoring a touchdown. As expected he went for it running down the field past my players and was show boating to all of the Ham fans. Whilst show boating he didn’t see the innocent small gnobler on the pitch and tripped over him dropping the ball just short of our endzone. I looked at Questing Knight and shouted I trust you. I then ordered him to dodge out and pick up the ball. He done so magnificently. He just needed to throw the pass to Dr Whooooo but his throw was slightly off. The ball soarded through the air like an Eagle. It landed next to the Dr and to everyones surprise bounced into his hands. Dr Whooooo passed it off to Mike Evens who ran to the endzone to score the equaliser.

I had done it. I had pulled off the draw. I felt like a hero. Then the last 2 games of the season came and I got destroyed. But we don’t talk about them. Girth and all the fans cheered my name that day. This was my dream.

When I got back from he game Girth hugged me and whispered, thank you. So the little cub who had a dream was finally getting a chance to win the trophy with the bears, like in his dreams, as Girth kept me for the following season.

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