Be Different Short Stories

Big Bad Bernard:
Sergeant in Arms of a War Dancer splinter cell, a dastardly bunch that has rebelled against the Blood Bowl world way of thinking that it’s ok to stamp and foul War Dancers, they mean business is ready to fight fire with fire!


Fern Fire Hand: The young sapling that has a dream he wants glory he wants silver wear but most of all he craves Touchdowns! Leading scorer of his Minor League Team he’s now hoping to make it in the big-time leagues and the dizzy heights of Blitz!


Ricky Bugatti: While his kin was out drinking and fighting, Ricky stayed in his workshop night and day engineering his final masterpiece, the fastest Death Roller in the land! The fruits of his labor finally paid off and his Bugatti was born…. Although somewhat difficult to control all that power it does have the tendency to overrun, breaks weren’t that high on Ricky’s to-do list apparently


Steel Wall Sam: The fisherman who never lost a catch, no fish, whale or sea beast was ever able to pull Sam over, so strong were his planted feet. Years at sea made him one tough cookie, this chap thrives in adverse weather on the pitch. He made the move from sea to land after Sams trawler became so desperate for repairs his own finances could not cover it, so he moved to his next best talent fighting!

Bear Skillz: Quarter back with a difference if you can stop this guy from attacking people he’s known to be pretty handy with the ball, however watch out for that bear strength he does like a pass but has a habit of launching way down town!
Wally: Fresh from The Hector School of Rotten Excellence, Wally is a marvel to behold a true inspiration to anyone on his team…. Although no one quite knows what he does….. but he does it extremely well
Bone Thugs: ….and no harmony! Huge fan favourite, mainly because of his active pursuit of trying to get the crowd involved in the game, Bone loves nothing more than to surf his opponents into the waiting hands of his cult following!
Cleocatch-ra: Even for a Tomb Guardian Cleo is abnormally tall, often over looked because of her gangly body shes not that great at fighting, however, her MLT coach spotted a great niche for her when he got fed up of young elfs giving them slip, show boating with flashy passing plays, he soon wiped the smug looks off their faces when on Cleos first visit to the field she broke the Khemri seasonal interception record….. in one game
Dave Day Walker: No one quite knows how he does it but Dave is just as happy on the pitch in full sun as at night with the rest of the Vampires, rumour has it over the years he has been applying some form of concrete moisturizer that has built up a protective layer to shield him from the suns rays, a credible theory as he is also extremely hard to damage or move due to his huge weight issue
The Apocalypse: Death and destruction, like an atom bomb in an ants nest no one can stand in his way, run and die tired, stay put and be bulldozed into oblivion, the gods quake and the mortals kneel, for the love of all things holy save the children
Lopez Muc Beer Arm: 4 time world arm wrestling champion Lopez puts his great success down to his adolescence years drinking with the Dwarfs and matching them beer for beer with a full sized Dwarfen tankard, his accuracy gained from all those games of darts in musty taverns supposedly he can hit a fly off the end of a Goblins nose at 20 yards! Getting into his twilight years now Lopez has ventured out into the Blood Bowl world after a drunken bet went wrong… but stayed when he found he actually quite liked it…and the stadium beer was free for players.
Stone Cold Skink Austin: Not just bark this cold blooded killer has a bite, he’s is the real deal…. Apparently….. self taught from a young age watching the Saurus Wrestling Federation on Cabal TV he has the minerals but can he hack it with the big guys.

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