Atlantis Vipers end of season report

After a respectable 0.500 first season the Atlantis Vipers are proud to announce they will be resigning Hera’Tank’Dite for season two as well as Astrea the star Amazon catcher. Both were instrumental in winning the season one Allstar game for the East. Also returning is Crontlac Cha Cha the feisty skink and the KroxiBear Combo of Scaly Wag and Yogi. The KroxiBear famously learning identical skills in their first season together and growing into a fierce partnership in midfield. Scabs the Saurus is also in talks to return but only if the money is right. This end of season sees the release of Pax, Mendeley, Acolyton and Cybele. All skilful players but ones who failed to impress the coach or the crowd last season. Pax is planning to release a book soon entitled “Vipers in Diapers” which is billed as a scathing attack on Wyatt’s team tactics and his generous favouritism toward the Lizardmen players. Wyatt recently disregarded the accusation at a press conference although in the same conference he later stated: “The future of the vipers is going to be lots more skinks.”

Although there have been no real grudges formed during season one the Atlantis Vipers are constantly competing with other Anti Fur alliance teams and Coach Wyatt had a public spat with Coach Randthemad after Rand claimed: ‘I was the highest ranking anti fur team, I had 0 skinks’.

Team Sponsors Dignity have agreed to support Atlantis Vipers for another season after they easily met the requirements. Season two approaches fast and Atlantis Vipers are keen to try and improve on last seasons record!

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