Atlantis Sea Vipers crash the party

The sun was high in the sky over the harbour, reflecting light off the stained glass windows of old taverns and the portholes of the boats moored there. Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, Humans, all the races frequented this busy port and the sport of Blood Bowl was on everyones lips. Particularly MML Blitz, the premier league for mixed teams, and there was no better place to find Blood Bowl players prepared to play on a mixed side than here. Boats were rolling in with trade from all the far flung places, ore from the mountains and Lustrian gold bought and sold under the eyes of experienced traders. A skink with a severely scarred head walked the boardwalk up to a Goblin with an inauspicious looking pirates hat and a long dead bird taped to his shoulder.

“I’m here for the Crypt currency…” Said Dino Wicked Zinger, looking about anxiously. “Ahhh you are the mysterious contact!” Replied the Goblin, “I have it, but the price just doubled.” “You can’t be serious! That’s extortion!” replied the skink indignantly, “We agreed a price!”. The Goblin looked him up and down, “That’s before I saw you, and recognised you as the MMLPRO star player for the Dino Clones. I could put the word out there that you are buying Crypt currency from the Necromancers. The MML frowns on teams reanimating the dead without an undead team license you know…” “Fine, whatever you want, I don’t have time for this”, said the skink, again looking to the horizon anxiously… “They’ll be here soon, you should leave little Goblin.” “Who you calling little? You’re little and also have a squishy head!” Said the Goblin as he handed over a small wooden box in the shape of a coffin that was marked ‘Crypt Currency’. The skink ignored the slight, paid in coin and turned to leave, as he turned a street corner something on the horizon appeared to catch his eye and he began to sprint inland from the docks.

The Goblin began rummaging in his bag and grinning madly, counting the coins out loud. “I’m rich! ahaha! Stupid Skink so scared he ran away! No wonder skinks haven’t won the MML since season 2!” as he rummaged something caught his eye.. through the many masts, sailers on deck and sails billowing in the air he could’ve sworn he saw something resembling a mirrored image of himself on the docks.. Even stranger it seemed to be getting bigger.. or closer.. The Goblin turned to run, realising too late what he was seeing. The massive Dreadnaught plowed into the docks at full speed sending wooden planks from the decks of boats and walkways flying everywhere. The stealth reflecting armour rendered the warship invisible to the naked eye. It didn’t stop until it crashed heavily into the buildings lining the shore. Meanwhile an armada of vessels began to appear as if they were folding out of the horizon, they dropped their mirrored camouflage and began launching smaller boats. The dockyards scrambled their defences and boats that survived the ramming intact made a frenzied attempt to man their decks and run.

A steady stream of Norse soldiers disembarked and began tearing through the yards, they barely missed a step as they took down everyone who stood in their way. Until they hit a group of drunk dwarves that is, wherein they seemed to bounce off the unimpressed mountain dwellers who drew axes and hammers, smashing the Norse down. Then the second wave rushed off the boats, trained and armoured bears ridden by Amazon women, the women directed the Norse men to get back on their feet whilst the bears bit and tore at the Dwarves with their massive claws. Seeing this was a losing fight for them the Dwarves retreated inland, some fell to the bears but most made it back onto a death roller like contraption that carried them safely away from the fight. Somehow they had not only managed to hold on to their Tankards during this skirmish but also continued to drink throughout. Seeing this fight play out the other tough looking crews followed suit and retreated from the invaders.

Once the area was subdued the third group stepped off the boats. Kislev decorated in the finest garments imaginable and arrayed with advanced wearable technology. As they walked down a long ramp, between them the light rippled and mirrored again revealing the Blue Scales of a towering Lizardman fully double their height. Occupants of the surviving taverns and buildings lining the docks were being led out onto the boats by Norse soldiers under the watchful eye of the Amazons. As the Lizardman walked past the Goblin with the sack of coins he gestured towards it with one of his clawed fingers and his Kislev aides gathered it up. “But but- That’s mine!” Yelled the Goblin. As the Lizardman slowly turned the Goblin could’ve sworn it had human eyes and human teeth hideously juxtaposed onto its reptilian face. “Thissss casssh belongs to InGen little creature, I’ll see it returned to them. Sssince you seem to have some interesssting contacts I’ll send you on your way with this message for the MML. Atlantis are back on the rise, we have taken from here the slaves and loot we need for our return to BLitz, our star players will sign with us again, and the Atlantis Bay Arena is match ready.”

The Goblin was allowed to flee the scene and report back to his masters. Atlantis Sea Vipers are returning to MML Blitz, and they mean business!

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