An Open Letter to the Blitz Community

Dear Blitz Fans, Coaches, General Managers and concerned citizens,

Our league was rocked recently with the sad and tragic death of 63 former and hopeful Blitz players. Their death was not at the center of the pitch playing the game they loved. It was instead in a hospital bed far away from the field they most cherished. The last sounds they heard was not the cheer of their fans. No, it was the humming of strange machines that struggled to keep them alive. They did not meet their end at the hands of a goblin saw or from a crushing blow from a fellow Blood Bowl combatant. Their death came at the hands of something we now call Nufflinza Z.

Nufflinza Z or NZ ,as it’s commonly being referred to, is an opponent very different from any that we have seen in Blood Bowl before. Here at Macon Money we will not sit on the sidelines as the Blitz players are taken too soon by this illness. Today we have started Macon-a-Difference Foundation.

Macon-a-Difference is a non-profit foundation with the soul purpose of curing Nufflinza Z. Macon has brought on renowned diagnostician Dr. Frrank Orcstien to head up the efforts. Dr. Orcstien will work closesly with the Blitz Doctors to find a cure as soon as possible.

The Macon Money will donate $70,000 from our treasury to start this fight against this plague that has brought our league to its knees.

If you would like donate to find the cure for NZ, donations to the Macan-a-Difference Foundation can be made through the team administation ticket, simply put Macon-a-Difference in the description and all proceeds will go directly to finding a cure.

Players of the Macon Money will be wearing golden ribbons for the remainder of the season to raise awareness and help fight for a cure to NZ.

Thank You,

General Manager, Macon Money

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