All Draft’s Eve

Mistress reclined on her patio while going over Gulf Coast Chaos’ draft board. Dmdouble0 had listened well to her “advice” from the latter season. They first pick spoke volumes. It would shore up 2 weaknesses the team had. She was indifferent about the team’s second pick. She understood the coaches aims, but would prefer more flash. If their second choice wasn’t there they had the cash to possibly make a move on a pointy eared star. She looked over her 2 preferences. They were both on the draft board but as last resorts. Her 3rd preference was actually ranked higher. She understood though. That one could pay some current dividends.

Though Dmdouble0 could pull the trigger on any of her 3 preferences he was committed to the long game. He would go with dark elf grunts for fodder. They were versatile enough to do whatever the team needed from dying to scoring. The linemen would protect the stars.

She dreamed of a Blitz championship. Even if they didn’t win it all, a productive season would still leave them on the perfect financial situation for season 3. She smiled and sipped some wine. If all went as planned they could unveil their minor league team The Third Coast Crazies or ATX Asylum she hadn’t decided on the name, for the kickoff of season 4. She smiled and toasted the air. “To the long game.”

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