A New Direction in Philly

As the sun set on the final regular season game of season 11 between the Mac brothers in the city of blood we love, the divided fan base was on the edge of their seats. With bottles, batteries, cheesesteaks and beer in hands they prepared for the first meeting of the city’s two franchises with playoff implications for the Fathers. After a disappointing first season Father’s GM/Coach Rmac decided fresh new talent needed to be infused into the team. He immediately established a Youth team and hired the famed underworld goblin scout Ken “two heads” Spotcha.  Spotcha went straight to work using his two heads to evaluate twice as many players as the other scouts on the circuit. The Fathers front office knew they would need a miracle to replace their lost bull Tawr Us and even though Spotcha’s reputation was well know many in the organization and the fan base were skeptical. When the discovered player arrived however, all doubters were silenced. Two heads had done it again. He delivered a mammoth (highly supplemented) bull who could also dodge like he had six legs instead of four who was immediately nicknamed by the crowd as The Savior. This behemoth led the Pounding Fathers to an undefeated second season and restored the fans faith in the leadership of the team. With the unprecedented success of the Savior the youth team is now a permanent part of the Father’s strategy. Certainly a blessing for the GM/Coach as rumors had been swirling around the front office and on more than one occasion Rmac was said to have over heard talk about some concrete shoes and going for a dip in the Delaware, though these are unconfirmed at this time. As the final game concluded with the Father’s third tie of the season the team was preparing for the playoffs when the bad news was handed down from the league. Due to an arcane rule about most wins rather then head to head play when tied for overall points the Father’s lost their playoff spot to the arch nemesis of the Philly teams the Gherond Bell Boys whom they had beaten during the regular season. This did not sit well with the Philly fans and after the ensuing riots that had broken out were quelled new rumors began surfacing about a group of fans that were planning a road trip to Canada to present their case personally to the president of blitz. They supposedly rented a cabin at Thunder Bay and were seen loading a van with some concrete bags, but again these rumors are unconfirmed at this time.

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