A boy named Penny

As a young student of the delicate art of murder, Penny Oombruh had it rough. For starters, he was named Penny; a malediction bestowed upon him by his father who walked away on the very day of his birth. The only legacy he had from his progenitor was that accursed name and the briefest missive: “I won’t be around. Named you Penny so you grow up tough”. Indeed, he had a rough childhood with rough calls aplenty; mainly pushing him to decide whether to fight back… or hide in the shadows. He quickly learned to be quick on his feet and flee to safety. In a last attempt to make him tough, and as a clever way to get rid of him, his mother enrolled him in the Cutting Edge Academy of Dark Elf Assassins (CEA-DEA for short) where his ancestors had brought honour and glory to the name Oombruh. They had all been fearless cutthroats who lived by the blade and died by the chainsaw. But Penny’s stubborn and silly instinct of self-preservation was unsure about following the path of his forefathers. He decided against it and realized that the best way to avoid being roughed up was to get the ball as quickly as possible and score a Touchdown… and he put all his effort into becoming the greatest, first, most unique and most long-lived Dark Elf Catcher.

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