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Cheery Pie


To our cherished Cherry Pie: a Eulogy.
Cherry Pie was loved and cheered by peers and rivals alike. Maybe it was his relaxed nature or the spark in his hazel green eyes, but there was something about him that just made everyone around him feel fine. Even Santa Claws couldn’t help but shed a bittersweet tear as he pummeled Cherry Pie to the ground and heard his last words “Hey mate, great block”. Cherry Pie taught us that size is not a requirement for greatness. Watching him soar through the skies was an inspiration to many and a delight to all. He was a game changing resource on offense as a One-Turn Specialist; while on defense, he was a sneaky retriever and a pinpoint projectile threat. Even Chuck Norris confessed “Cherry was rightly granted the All-Star Award”. Cherry Pie had more to offer than just his uncanny prowess on the pitch. He was also a philanthropist; he founded the Cherry Pie School of Flying Pebbles and provided free training and counselling for little players with big dreams. Many Coaches came to realize that Throw Teammate was just as effective as Natural One-Turning or Chain Pushing. Even Han Tavirus stated “Cherry made it look so easy; I wish I could do the same”. Cherry Pie always brought a smile to the face and joy to the heart of whoever watched one of his games. He was living testimony that every match was a win if there was fun to be had. And now that he has gone to that Great Bakery in Heaven, that testimony lives on. I believe the best words to bid him farewell are the ones voiced by Longbreeze, his teammate and best friend, “Cherry Pie, you are a Legend… keep on flying little pebble… keep on flying”
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