Core Rules




  • qualifying for playoffs


A Blitz! team is considered a Franchise team once they have a Season Pass. Franchises come in two different types and have separate but similar criteria:

New Franchises

New Franchises are defined as a team that has never played in the Blitz! league before. New Franchises are required to start with:

  • 12 Active Player Roster
  • May not buy Fan Factor
  • $2 million in starting budget
  • 12 picks in the upcoming draft

If a New franchise is brought into the league by a coach who coached another team in the prior season a $250,000 new franchise fee will be assessed to the team. If the new team is of the same coalition as coached prior, the fee is $500,000.

Current Franchises

Current Franchises are defined as teams that have played in a prior Blitz! league season. Current Franchises are required to start each new Season with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • Fan Factor is 1/2 of prior season (rounded down)

If a Current Franchise did not play in the prior season in which it registered, the team will be charged a $200,000 Franchise re-launching fee prior to the season (payable at end of season).


MML Blitz league awards cash prizes to the top 2 teams that reach the Championship.

Payout Structure

  • Champion: $50USD
  • Runner-Up: $15USD

The dollar amounts above shall be considered the actual payout amounts (minus applicable fees and exchange rates).


Teams are allowed to be sponsored by one sponsor at a time. Any coach wishing to have their team sponsored will need to meet all Signing Requirements for that particular sponsor, as well as any other applicable criteria.

Each individual sponsor dictates their own signing requirements. Sponsors will award a payout at the end of the season to a team who does not breach their contract.

A breach of contract is constituted by not meeting the signing criteria as specified for that particular sponsor. All criteria is by end of season (regular season), unless specified by the sponsor.

Teams can only gain sponsors during Registration Week. Teams are NOT allowed to select a sponsor In-Game unless they are officially sponsored by that sponsor on the MML: Blitz! website.

Post Season Eligibility

The league will implement a 8-team Championship playoff system. The top 2 teams from each play-pool will go to the Playoffs for a chance to play in the Blitz Bowl. Seeding will be determined by points (and/or tie-breakers) with the Divisional point leaders being seeded #1 and #2.

The Championship playoffs will start on the eighth week of the season and last 2 weeks.

In Seasons with less than 32 teams the League will determine the number of play-off spots prior to season start.

Game Day

  • inducements
  • hiring journeymen

General Management

  • trades
  • free agency
  • signing players
  • team services
  • players union stuff here
  • revenue
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