Core Rules




  • qualifying for playoffs


A Blitz! team is considered a Franchise team once they have a Season Pass. Franchises come in three different types and have separate but similar criteria:

New Franchises

New Franchises are defined as a team that has never played in the Blitz! league before. New Franchises are required to start with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • May not buy Fan Factor
  • $2 million in starting budget
  • 12 picks in the upcoming draft (3 are Expansion Draft Picks)

Gm’s may change teams and start over after at least 2 consecutive seasons with current team. The new team must have a new name, collation and history. The gm will not be allowed to change teams again for another 2 seasons and may not change back to the prior collation he played before. When changing teams no gold, rr’s, apo, players, bank account or any prior connection with the former team will carry over. Teams will start with 2 million gold (any sanctions the team received prior to a change will be applied to the new team). A new team under a former gm of another team my still receive all  “new gm/coach” incentives.


Returning Team

is a   These teams keep all finances that they had prior to sitting out.  Returning teams

A returning team is defined as a team that has played in a prior season of Blitz but not in the latest season that was played in Blitz!  Returning teams are required to start with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • Pay a $50,000 Franchise re-launching fee prior to the season.
  • May not buy Fan Factor
  • Start with their current budget
  • 12 picks in the upcoming draft (3 are Expansion Draft Picks)

Note: These teams keep and may use all prior purchases Eg apo’s, rr’s, stadium level, enhancements so on.  The team is free to sign with whatever sponsor they chose but do not keep their perks from their sponsor from prior seasons.


Current Franchises

Current Franchises are defined as teams that have played in a prior Blitz! league season.  At the end of the season/playoffs teams may only keep up to 5 players on their roster. All players other then these 5 players are sent to the free agent market to prepare for the draft and go for the oh mighty gold! Any players that were placed on IR see the doctor before these drops (players must be placed on injure reserve before week 7). A team may keep 1 of the 3 players on long term IR after seeing doctor. This player must sit out next season and take 1 of the next seasons IR spots but do not take up 1 of the 5 spots for keeping players (see the IR rules for more information) . Current Franchises are required to start each new Season with:

  • 11 Active Player Roster
  • 7 picks in the upcoming draft
  • Fan Factor is always reset to 0 each season

Note: Current or Returning teams pay for re rolls, apo, cheerleaders and such as they would in game as a continuing in game mechanics.

Prize Payout Structure

The winner of the season will receive a Boom symbol next to their discord name.

Payouts for playoff teams— 8-5 25k, 4-3 50k, 2nd 75k, champion 100k plus ether half off a level 4 or less returning players salary for next season or may keep and extra player from the team but must sacrifice their second round draft pick.


Teams are allowed to be sponsored by one sponsor at a time. Any coach wishing to have their team sponsored will need to meet all Signing Requirements for that particular sponsor, as well as any other applicable criteria.

Each individual sponsor dictates their own signing requirements. Sponsors will award a payout at the end of the season to a team who does not breach their contract.

A breach of contract is constituted by not meeting the signing criteria as specified for that particular sponsor. All criteria is by end of season (regular season), unless specified by the sponsor.

Teams can only gain sponsors during Registration Week. Teams are NOT allowed to select a sponsor In-Game unless they are officially sponsored by that sponsor on the MML: Blitz! website.

Post Season Eligibility

The league will implement a 8-team Championship playoff system. The top 2 teams from each play-pool will go to the Playoffs for a chance to play in the Blitz Bowl. Seeding will be determined by points (and/or tie-breakers) with the Divisional point leaders being seeded #1 and #2.

*see main rules for playoff break downs

Game Day

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  • hiring journeymen

General Management

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