Bulls rebuild

The Bulls rebuild


Sat in front of a roaring fire in his condo in the hills of Pamplona, FTcush sipped his Tequila,he had developed a taste for it while down in Tijuana playing the Shots, man those guys could party.

But that was last season, now he had the next stage of his plans to put in place. It felt like he had been planning this next move for a lifetime, several in fact but the end was within sight now he would show them all they had been wrong.

He had plans, nefarious plans that would change the world, the kind of plans that should be accompanied by rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning. Instead he had an unseasonably warm breeze and a gentle knocking at his door.

At least the knocking was welcome and a slight smile turned the corners of his mouth up as his servant opened the door to his dishevelled coach Nachance O’glory the dwarf hadn’t taken this season well which was good news for FT as he was more likely to listen to his plans if he was still hurting.

“O’glory you look well, come an sit let me get you a drink”

O’glory slouched in the chair without saying a word and took the offered drink

“We need to talk about the draft O’glory” FT said as he sat back down

Again O’glory said nothing, just nodded and took another swig of his Tequila.

“So here’s my plan coach, we need to cause chaos, hurt them the way we’ve been hurt. Destroy everything they have built and laugh as we do it”


O’glory raised his head for the first time, “but what about playing the beautiful game, I have a dream of the perfect game, fans on the edge of their seat, surely that is what we should build for?”

“And we will” answered FT, “but we’re the underdogs we don’t have a rigged gambling scheme or a rich history to fall back on, we need to tear them down before we can build our-selves up and when we do the fans will love the way we play even more”

O’Glory sighed “I suppose your right”

FT smiled a glint in his eye “brilliant, tell me, how do you feel about chainsaws?”


O’glory woke up with a headache and the taste of questionable decisions in his mouth. He had only made it as far as his office before passing out, he knew why he had headed to his office rather than his bed, the long discussion with FT to plan the draft had to be written down.

It was complicated and even looking back at it now, he couldn’t understand why he had agreed to it. This wasn’t how he wanted to play. The hate and pain he had felt last night had left him and the plans no longer appealed; they horrified him!  He was so lost inside his inner turmoil and heavy hangover he failed to hear the floorboards screaming for mercy outside his office.


O’Glory nearly came off his chair as the voice boomed round his office, stood in his doorway was Vilebull his captain and star player. Although stood in the doorway was the wrong description he filled the doorway!

“You okay coach”

“I will be” replied coach, trying to swallow his heart back down into his chest. He could feel a trip to find some spare pants coming on once he was alone.

“What can I do for you Son”

“Well Coach It’s about the lineman, you know the league has been having them meetings to help get them the respect they deserve, me an the boys wanna know if we’re gonna look after our linno’s properly this year”

Coach was stunned, he prided himself on looking after his players yet they felt the need to check he had their back.

“You know we will Vile, what’s brought this on?”

“Well coach, we lost some players last year and we never felt like we got our own back.  like the losses didn’t matter just that we played the Game the right way and it hurts coach, some of the lads are wondering what matters more. Us or the game?”

O’glory felt it then. The anger. But not at the league or the players but himself. Yes, this was a game but his players had been hurt and all he wanted to do was to play the right way. He had let them down, but not any more.

“let me show you our plans Vile, then you tell me we won’t be getting our own back”

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