BlitzDesk is a sports television show that airs weekly on Twitch and YouTube service and as a podcast. It is hosted by Austin Ash and Bobby Nance Jr. V, who discuss, and frequently argue over, the top stories of the day in “blitz…and other stuff”.

BlitzDesk is known for its humorous and often outlandish tone, as well as the “list” graphic which displays the topics yet to be discussed on the right-hand side of the screen. The show’s popularity has led to the blatant pluralization by other upstart leagues and broadcasts.

Broadcast History

BlitzDesk had a mysterious first season, and only a cult following. These episodes where stolen from the BlitzDesk studio and have never been recovered. BlitzDesk officially restarted the program in Season 2.


Austin Ash (Season 2 – present)

Bobby Nancy Jr. V (Season 2 – present)


BlitzDesk – S2E2

Headlines: Dr. Frank Orcstien Season 3 Draft Negotiated Contracts? Franchise Sponsors? Coaches Union Blitz!!! ...
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BlitzDesk – S2E1

Headlines: Garth Arrives in Blitz! Beverly Hills Beasts Po-ta-to?? Get well soon... No Dignity Jim Sardonic Blitz!!! ...
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